Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WIP Wednesday - Another look at the Watcher

I'd have liked to be far along with something else to share, but alas, that isn't really happening. So here's another look at the Watcher. Context - Kelly's just sort of joined a sex club.


But when I stepped through that door and I saw the familiar bottle-green eyes of the man watching me in silence, I understood. A flash of pure electricity jolted through my body at the idea of the Watcher’s intent gaze on me as another man took my body for his pleasure.

The Watcher was going to watch me have sex with strangers. He was going to stay silent as I was whipped and slapped, as I was tested by the mysterious Club Phoenix. He would serve as a witness as I immersed myself in darkness and let my hidden desires rise to the fore.

He was my Watcher and watching him, I was almost painfully aroused.

There was another man. I had barely noticed him as I walked in, but he now moved towards me. “Kelly? My name is Adam. This is your first time?”

I nodded. It was difficult to tear my gaze away from those green eyes, but I forced myself to do it and I turned to the man who had introduced himself. He smiled at me. “Nervous?” he asked.

“A little,” I replied. I couldn’t help looking at my Watcher when I said those words but he didn’t betray any emotion.

“Normally, we use a traffic light system here at Phoenix,” Adam said to me. “Red – stop. Yellow, slow down; green – keep going. Does that work for you?”

I focused my attention on Adam but I was painfully aware of my Watcher. “Normally?” I asked quizzically and he rewarded me with a quick grin.

“Paying attention, that’s good. Yes. Since this is your first time, we aren’t going to bother with safe words. Any variation of No or Stop and I’ll stop and check in with you.”


“All you have to do is obey. Do you understand, Kelly?”

All I had to do was obey. Intellectually, I’d known that, but as Adam’s deep measured voice spoke those words, I felt the weights I carried on my shoulders slough off one by one. The stress brought about by my mother’s illness. The sense of responsibility I felt for Nina Germain’s business, though the heiress was rich enough to afford it to go bankrupt. The feeling that I should be getting on with my life and applying for better jobs. My low-level panic about making ends meet every month, my finances constantly drained by the monthly flights home and by the high cost of living in New York. My worry that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t want to settle down and get married. The cloud that was always over my head – the fear that I too carried the genetic markers for early onset Alzheimer’s.

I left all of that angst and anxiety at the door and directed my attention at Adam and it was the most liberating thing I’d ever done.

This could get addictive.

“I understand,” I whispered.

The Watcher got to his feet and moved in front of me. “Do you submit?” he asked, his voice devoid of emotion. I would later learn that these were ritualistic words at Phoenix, heralding the start of a scene and marking a submissive’s freely given consent.

The top starts spinning. 

I looked into his eyes. When I spoke, my voice was free of nervousness and doubt. I knew that I needed to do this. I needed to feel what came next; I had to be true to every facet of myself. Not just the parts of me that were deemed appropriate by polite society. And I needed the oblivion. I needed to forget so badly. “I submit.”

The top keeps spinning.

“Take off your dress.” Adam’s voice was even.

I’d barely paid any attention to my surroundings as I’d walked in, my eyes automatically going to the Watcher. Now, I sneaked a peek at the room I was in as my hands unzipped my black dress and I wiggled it down my hips.

It was a large space and most of it was shrouded in darkness. A small area was lit and that was the area I stood in with a spotlight shining down on me. The Watcher had withdrawn just to the edge of the bright space, so he was partly in the shadows. His positioning was almost a metaphor. He straddled the line that separated darkness from light and he balanced at the knife’s edge with seeming ease.

Would I be able to do the same?

I bent to pick up my dress from the cold stone floor and Adam reached forward to take it from me. “Take off your bra as well,” he ordered, and my hands reached behind my back to unclasp the catch. He pushed the straps off my shoulders, and pulled the flimsy lace garment off my body, taking a sharp inward breath as my breasts swung into view. “Oh, very nice Kelly. I think I’m going to have some fun with these creamy tits.”

The words were so crude that I felt my entire body flush with mingled shame and desire. He noticed, because his eyes glinted. “What am I going to do?” he demanded.

I bit my lip. I couldn’t say tits. I just couldn’t.

“Do you have some difficulty understanding the meaning of the word obey, Kelly?” Adam’s voice was harsh and I automatically lowered my gaze to the floor, shaking my head silently.

“Then what am I going to do?”

“You are going to have some fun with my creamy tits,” I whispered, my cheeks hot with embarrassment. I couldn’t forget that the Watcher’s keen gaze was taking all of this in. He could see my humiliation and my arousal.

“Titties,” Adam corrected. He came up behind me and put his arms around my chest, palming my breasts in his hands. He set the flesh jiggling. “Nice weight,” he remarked to the Watcher. “Ask me to punish your titties, Kelly.”

He was going to push all my buttons. He’d noticed my discomfort with calling them tits, and he was going to chip away at that, bit by bit.

I could have asked him to stop. But staying in my zone of comfort wasn’t what I wanted to do. “Punish my titties Sir,” I said quietly, pushing aside my mortification.


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  1. Ohh!! A part of me wants to run away and not continue reading your snippets on this because they sound a little painful, but another part of me is like glued to the screen wanting to read more. :-)

  2. I like a man who pushes away at buttons and boundaries. The poor girl looks like she's got her work cut out for her with Adam ~WEG~

  3. I'm super glad you decided to share more of this one ~grins~
    This whole Watcher thing really has me intrigued. I need to know who he is and why.. oh why is he watching!
    Is this out yet?
    Great excerpt, Tara ☺