Wednesday, 14 January 2015

WIP Wednesday: Yet another look at the Watcher

Hello Wednesday!

Okay, it isn't that I don't have newer writing to share, because I do. It's just that I have quite literally eight minutes to write this blog post. I just don't have time to hunt and find a proper snippet. Which is a bonus if you want more of The Watcher and a pity if you are tired of this story.

If you are wondering, the release date is Feb 1. I'll be posting links, not to fear.


Oh, unrelated note. I made a book trailer. Why? I was bored and had some time on my hands, and I wanted to see what was involved. Anyway - you should go check it out because, well, I think it's cool. The soundtrack is especially awesome.

Okay. The Watcher. After a back and forth with my editor and beta reader, we decided the prologue needed a bit of expansion. I grumbled but of course, they were correct. 

Here's an excerpt.

“Do you submit?” The Watcher speaks the ritual words that will indicate my willingness to continue with the session.

The top starts spinning.
I kneel on the floor and lower my head, holding out my hands in a gesture of surrender. “I submit.”
“Good.” This is the leaner of the two men. He has dark hair, and his face is covered with stubble. His voice is tinged with an Irish accent. “Let’s get you ready then, love.”
The other man, the one with the short blond hair, doesn’t speak. He is broader and his physique is a lot more intimidating, all hard, bulging muscle.  In his hands he holds a coil of black rope. The first man lifts me up easily, as if I were weightless and sets me down on a vinyl-covered bench. A pair of scissors appear in one of their hands and both bra and panty are snipped away, the scraps of fabric tumbling to the floor.
The men begin to wind the rope around me. Above and below my breasts, so that my flesh reddens and bulges towards them. My hands are tightly tied behind my back, my wrists somehow fastened together so I can’t pull them forward. A bright red ball gag is dangled near my lips and my mouth falls open automatically. I am so well-behaved.
In his corner, the Watcher watches. When I can’t speak my safe words clearly, I can mumble them through the gag, and he will hear them. Or I will shake my head vigorously from side to side and that’ll serve as my safety signal.
I’ve never yet used a safe word. I’ve wanted to, but something has always kept me silent. Perhaps I keep quiet because I know the Watcher is watching. Perhaps I want to put on a show for him. Perhaps I want him to be as aroused by me as I am by him.
The top keeps spinning.
Once my breasts and arms are tied to his satisfaction, the blond man turns his attention to my legs. I’m kneeling with my ass resting on my heels and the blond man nudges my knees open till I’m spread wide, displayed for their pleasure.
The two men crowd around me. The guy with black hair stands behind me and I feel the cold metal of his belt buckle at my right shoulder. His hand closes around my right breast, squeezing the orb and pinching the engorged nipple. His fingers trail down my abs, then find my pussy lips. His touch is sure and intent as he cups my mound.
Behind the ball-gag I fight to quiet my moans.
The blond guy is directly behind me. I can feel the heat emanate from his body as he grinds his cock against my back. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shiny chrome anal hook dangling from his fingers. The ball at the tip of the hook is the size of a table-tennis ball.
I can’t help myself. I moan in anticipation.
“You are such a little slut,” the man with the black hair says. “Aren’t you?”
I don’t look at the Watcher; I nod my head at the man who has spoken. He’s right. I am a slut. I get off on being treated like a sex toy for the pleasure of these men. Already my body is betraying me. My pussy is slippery and wet with desire and my nipples are erect nubs, begging to be played with and bitten.
The fat head of a cock rubs on my nipples and precum trails from its tip onto my breasts. I can see the liquid glisten under the lights. I cannot believe that I am aroused by this, but I am.
The man with the dark hair reaches out and his hand encircles the back of my neck. He pushes me onto his cock and I start to tip and fall forward. His hands are quickly around my waist, partly to steady me and partly to position me to his satisfaction. I am still balancing on my knees, but my shoulders make contact with the bench, and the vinyl is cool against my cheek.
This is the moment the blond man has been waiting for. I feel the ball of the anal hook press firmly against my asshole. He just holds it in place and pushes and my sphincter, which has seen plenty of training in the last few months, opens up on cue and swallows the ball. It nestles in me and each time I twitch, I can feel it move inside my body.
I am almost feverish with arousal.
The top keeps spinning.


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  1. OMG that was hot. I can't wait for it to come out. And I am now going to retire upstairs - cold shower or vibrator? Hmmm....

  2. Christ! I am getting so hooked on this story. It has an almost eerie feeling, one I am highly drawn to. This Watcher is driving me crazy. It's clear that her biggest enjoyment of this decadent torture is him/her watching.
    Oh and I watched your trailer. Awesome sauce! ☺ Loved the soundtrack. ♥

    1. It's a dark story, so I'm glad you think it's eerie. :)

  3. Well, she isn't the only one aroused here! Nice scene, Tara! I also enjoyed the trailer ... great tempo! :)

  4. Anal hooks... ~dribble~ You paint such wonderful pictures inside my head... and who is the watcher... and what is he waiting for? The top keeps spinning intrigues me... :)

  5. Great snippet and I loved your book trailer! I've never done one before, but after seeing yours, I really want to make one for one of my future books! :-)

    1. Thanks, Meredith!

      It's fun to do, but I'm not sure it actually sells any books. I spent a few dollars on stock images and did the work myself. I wouldn't pay for a book trailer unless I was fairly sure it would lift sales.