Monday, 21 July 2014

In which I talk about Kindle Unlimited - and other things

There's been much hand-wringing on the Kindle boards about Kindle Unlimited. It's the end of the world as we know it! Here's what I think.

- It depends on who you are. Are you a big name author, able to draw readers to your books on the sheer strength of your name? Ok. Kindle Unlimited is probably a bad deal for you. Your challenge isn't to find new readers.

But mine is. I'm constantly trying to find new readers. There's a whole lot of readers out there who read erotica, but have never heard of me. I want to find these people. I think my books are good - I'd like them to take a chance and read one. Which makes Kindle Unlimited a bit of a goldmine for me.

- It depends on what your books cost. Prior to KU, the reimbursement rates on borrows was about $2, the same price as royalty on a $2.99 book. That reimbursement rate is going to go down, for sure. But will it go down to $0.35? Somehow, I doubt it, which means that I'll make more money on a $0.99 borrow vs. a $0.99 read. (Your $4.99 book? Yes, you'll take a hit on it.)

- You can make money by increasing the royalty price per book, or by increasing the number of books sold. KU dramatically increases the latter. (I've never seen as many borrows as I did over the weekend. I couldn't' have done that on my own.) Sure, some readers are people that would have otherwise bought your book, but the way I see it - Kindle Unlimited dramatically expands the market. These are new readers. New readers are good.

What I've done so far? Nothing. I'm taking a wait and see approach. But this might change the writing of the next few projects. I might spend some time writing some 10K, $0.99 books, just to tap into that market in a broader way.



I followed this link through Twitter. Author Virginia Nelson talks about writing. I couldn't disagree more. 

I don't write my stories in a vacuum. Writing is my response to the real world. Hiding from the real world in order to write? Don't do it. Make some time for writing, of course, but the best material is found through living life. 

Please. Attend the picnic. Go to that birthday party. And eat some fucking cake, while you are at it.  

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