Saturday, 19 July 2014

Well hello there!

Yes, it's been almost a month since I posted. Bad Tara.

I'm sure I'm not the only writer to struggle with getting it all done. When I focus on marketing, I neglect the writing, and when I focus on the writing, I neglect the marketing. But in the end, if I don't write, I have nothing to publish, and so, rightly, the writing takes precedence.

So, let me update you about what's been going on, writing-wise.

- Recovery got written and published. Yay! That completes my Doctor Dom series. 

Writing series is definitely, at least for me, harder than writing a stand-alone story. You have to stay with your characters so much more, you have to define them better, you have to make their lives interesting for that much longer. More twists, more turns, but still trying to keep it real. It was hard, but I'm pretty happy with Recovery, and I'm glad I did this. (All the Doctor Dom books together clock in almost 150,000 words, which is massive for me.)

- While we are still on Doctor Dom, I combined 1+2+3 into a Sequence One book. 

Nice bonus, no extra writing, but I still added a book to my catalog. Another side benefits of writing serials.

- I wrote and published the Virgin Returns Home, which completes the Adventures of Suzie and the Alien series. 

Also yay! Originally, I was writing the Alien books as stress-relief in the middle of the much harder writing that was Doctor Dom. It was a little weird and a little campy, filled with sex of all kinds, but with a story to pull it together. (Side note: I've got to be invested in the story, else I don't care about the sex. I'm sure I'm not the only one.)

The last story though, that was just pure romance. (Though with a lot of sex.) You really do see the relationship between Suzie and Bob evolve to where they genuinely start caring for each other. When Suzie makes the decision to return back to Earth, well - buy the book and find out what happens.

- I sent out a free story to my mailing list. Storm. Episode 1: The Hottest Guy in Hollywood

Didn't get it? Want it? I send out Episode 2 of this story at the end of August, so subscribe to the mailing list today, and you'll get to catch up when I send the next episode out. (Prefer instant gratification? It's available for free on Literotica, and available for sale on Amazon.)

That's all the good. Now, the stuff that's less good.

- I'm struggling with my current story.

I'm really finding it difficult to define who my hero is. I know his back story. I know what he does. But I'm having trouble giving him a narrative voice. I've thrown out almost 9,000 words to date, and throwing out more words appears perfectly possible. Ugh.

- I'm stuck on Slathaar. 

Mostly with Slathaar, it's mind-space. I've got some tight (though self-imposed) writing deadlines, and I'm just not finding the time to think about Slathaar. Honestly, if I were smart at all, I'd ease up on the writing deadlines and just work on Slathaar, because Slathaar fills the creative well, and the other stories drain from it. (Hmm. I wrote that, and as I wrote that, I recognized how true that really was. Need to ponder.)

Right, that's long enough for a post, don't you think? Off I go to drink more coffee.

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