Wednesday, 30 April 2014

RTK Dungeon Crawl - Triage

Triage is the first book of my Doctor Dom series. It's been on my mind recently, because my current writing project is book 4 of this series. 

How about an excerpt?

Patrick reached forward, removed the gag.
“Have you had anal sex before?”
I nodded.
“Then you already know the nozzle isn’t too long; your body can take it. Relax, and if you have concerns, talk through them with me.”
His tone was steady; firm; reassuring. I nodded again, his steadiness causing calm to spread through me. “Yes, Dr. Anderson,” I said compliantly.
He smiled at me, warmth in his eyes. That warmth was like a favourite blanket; seductive, addictive.
He didn’t put the gag back in my mouth; and I was grateful. There was an ache in my jaw, and I would have been in a fair amount of pain had he left it there much longer.
The nozzle was at my asshole now, and it slid in easily into my lubricated cavity. I could feel him push it in; and I again forced myself to relax, whimpering a little. He stopped when he heard the whimper, and didn’t continue till I nodded again. A warmth flooded through me as I took in his concern.
I smiled at him, letting the pleasure show in my eyes; revealing my appreciation. “Please don’t stop, Dr. Anderson,” I said softly.
He looked at me for a second; the expression in his eyes unreadable. “Unexpected,” he muttered again. And then he pushed the nozzle in all the way, and started the flow of water.
At first, the warmth of the water felt good as it gushed inside of me, but then, the pressure grew uncomfortable, and I groaned, mumbling a faint protest.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to take it, Miss Preston, you’ll need to be properly cleaned before your exam.” Patrick’s voice was cool, professional, and my pussy predictably twitched in response. Gods, I was aroused by his voice; he didn’t even need to touch me. I focused on the wetness of my pussy; the aching of my nipples as the liquid poured into me, and my stomach began to feel bloated and cramped from the feeling of fullness.
I could feel his fingers on my ass again; the nozzle slid out; a plug was pushed in. “You’ll need to keep it in you for fifteen minutes,” he said, his voice firm. I gulped.
“Patrick,” I moaned.
A silent, raised eyebrow. An expressionless look that somehow made my pussy clench again in arousal.
“Dr. Anderson,” I corrected myself. “I don’t think I can…”
He grinned at me now; he had something planned; I could feel the waves of anticipation radiate from him.
“Fortunately,” he said, his voice layered with amusement, “I have a plan to distract you.”
He walked away; again I heard drawers open and close; and now, I could hear a tap running. “What is he going to do?” I wondered, feeling the pleasurable lurch in me as I thought about the ways he could use my body. He was right; I was already distracted from the cramping in my stomach. Clever Patrick.
“I need a clear view for the vaginal exam, Miss Preston,” he said, walking near my face, showing me the contents of his hands. Shaving brush. Razor. Shaving cream. Water. For all that was merciful, he was going to shave my pussy.
Lust shot through my body as I imagined his hands spreading apart my pussy lips, running the razor carefully against my flesh; I trembled as I imagined his fingers accidentally flicking against my clitoris; and then flicking it again with deliberation; I groaned as I imagined the lazy circles the shaving brush would trace on my heated skin, the feel of the washcloth wiping me down.

I looked at him; my thoughts clearly visible in my eyes. “Yes,” I said simply. Yes. Yes. Yes. 
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  1. Holy Hell in a handbag, Tara. Could you have made that scene any Hotter?
    Normally one wouldn't think that receiving a 'cleansing' could be so erotic. But you nailed it, completely. Drew me right in and now I want more.

  2. Umm shaving is always hot. As for the enema.. well I'm glad she is liking it. Sounds as if this is going to get very interesting.