Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tuesday TV Thoughts - Once Upon A Time

I turned to my boyfriend after last week's episode, and I said, "Well, that was a bit of a waste of space." Thankfully, I really quite enjoyed this week's episode.

Random thoughts:

- I'm not sure how Snow White can cast the curse. I mean, she's not a witch. She has no magic powers. How? Did I miss something?

- Glinda the Good Witch seemed like a bit of a random add-in. Plus, she doesn't actually help. (I wonder if that's a call back to Wizard of Oz, where Glinda tells Dorothy that the powers to return to Kansas are actually with her. So, in this case, the power to fight the Wicked Witch is already with them - ie. Emma.)

- Hook looks pretty yummy tied up. (Wait, was that bad of me?)

- In many ways, this harks back to earlier seasons - the curse gets rolled back about half-way through, and then the characters need to figure out how to belong to two worlds.

- Okay, how ridiculously hokey was the "We've shared one heart" bit? I threw up in my mouth a little.

- I wonder why the fairy tale book only appears to Snow White.

Now, off to write. This blog post was procrastination, people.

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