Thursday, 17 April 2014

Magic Everywhere - my first Permafree book!

ETA: It appears that Magic Everywhere is only free on I'm really sorry, guys! Report it to Amazon - they should price match. It's a bit of a hoopla they make you go through to make a book permafree.


It's all very exciting! I've been trying to get Magic Everywhere to go free for a while now, and it's finally free.

Go download it! Spread the word! Leave a review, and I'll love you forever!

The Blurb: 

*** Fantasy; Bondage; Erotica; Magic.*** 

NOTE: Magic Everywhere is a 8000 word BDSM fantasy novella. 

In Raan, there is magic and dark fantasy; there's erotica; there's dungeons and whips and chains; there are strong men and strong women, and the connections that bind them; and hovering in the darkness, there are forces that control them all. 

Magic Everywhere is the story of Salif Al-Hasn, the Mage-Prince of Argentia. Fifteen years ago, Salif fled his kingdom, leaving behind the girl he loved, in the face of a memory so toxic, he has buried it deep and never let it surface since... But one night, Salif comes back to his hotel room, and there's a girl waiting there, a pleasure slave of Argentia. 

Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, explicit sex, and so much more...

Buy links (And I use the word Buy loosely, since it's free, at least on

Amazon US

Amazon UK
Amazon DE

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