Saturday, 19 April 2014


So, there's the primary writing project, which is the next volume of Doctor Dom. (Tentatively titled Relapse.)

And then, when I get stuck with that, I've been working on a Viking-esque saga, because hey, why not? My YouTube history is rich with stories of Viking ships (relevant to the story, my warriors are about to set off on a long journey). My Google search terms in recent times have been filled with things like Viking war ships, Viking names, Viking prayers...

And of course, there's this amazing scene from the 13th Warrior. (I've seen the movie a very long time ago, and remember nothing of it. Time to re-watch.)

Do you want to read the story as I'm writing it? Fair warning, updates will be unpredictable, and usually are a representation of how stuck I am with Doctor Dom. (I do write quite a bit on Literotica, so stick around and read other stories posted there as well!)

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