Wednesday, 16 April 2014

RTK Dungeon Crawl - The Alien Trains the Virgin

One of the advantages of blog crawls - they remove scheduling decisions from you. The post needs to go up by a deadline, and I'm the kind of person that works best with an externally imposed deadline. 

My first time participating in the RTK Dungeon crawl! I thought I'd put in an excerpt from The Alien Trains the Virgin

The excerpt

I nodded compliantly and lay down on the examination table. He pushed a final button in, and he looked at me. “Enjoy, little human.” He laughed sadistically, a sound that made me even more nervous. He then stepped out of my line of vision and I had no idea if he was still there.

For the first few minutes, I just lay there. Nothing happened. My mind began to wander, and I reflected upon the last couple of days. Bob abducting me at Larry’s behest. The machine. Squeezing and pumping my breasts. Pumping lube into my vagina and anus. A massive butt plug invading my ass. Then, Bob’s twin cocks deflowering my virginity as I whimpered in lust and longing.

Slowly, I felt something. A rope-like arm snaking over my wrists, pulling them up and fastening them over my head. Two rope-like arms on my ankles, pulling them apart as well till every muscle in my legs screamed out in agony.

My head was lifted up so that I could watch what was about to happen to my body, and it increased both my terror and my arousal. A long probe swung towards me, heading to my anus. I struggled in my bonds, but an arm swung towards me with what looked like a cattle prod attached to it. It swung to my nipple, as I struggled.

“No, please, no,” I begged, but to no avail. The cattle prod sent a ripple of electricity through my nipple that had me screaming in agony. The procedure was repeated on the other nipple, and I screamed yet again. But strangely, I felt an ache in my pussy; a fierce arousal as I responded the pain.

“In case it isn’t obvious, Suzie,” Bob’s voice spoke in my head. “Struggling will get you punished.” He sounded slightly amused. “Although you seem to enjoy your punishment quite a bit,” he added.

“This is funny to you?” I thought at him acidly, but he didn’t reply. I was alone once more.

The probe resumed its aborted path towards my anus. I whimpered in fear, but I kept still; the cattle prod was an effective threat. The probe wriggled against my anus, searching for a path inside. I kept my asshole tightly clenched. Whatever that probe was going to do to me, I didn’t want it.

I felt the probe wriggle some more, and then, it drew back slightly. The cattle prod swung towards my anus, and I screamed as a painful shock hit my tender ring of flesh. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I begged the faceless machine. “Please, no more, I’ll be good.”

This time, I relaxed my muscles as the probe slid into me with no lube. I clenched automatically, thinking it would be cold, but it was actually as warm as a finger. It wriggled in, moving just like the finger of a lover, going deeper and deeper within me. A very long-fingered lover. Wait, how long was this probe?


The Alien Trains the Virgin is a sequel of sorts to The Alien, the Doctor and the Virgin (Alien Medical Play Erotica). It is an erotic short - 10,000 words. $0.99. 

And a link to the other participants! 


  1. Great of you to join the DungeonCrawl, Tara. Quite a delightful snippet you have shared here with us today. The allure of aliens has always intrigued me. The scene you present us with above is both frightening and compelling. I'm thinking a cattle prod.. would really 'hurt'. I cringed when it touched her nipple.... effective form of punishment for sure.
    I'm curious what has gotten her into such trouble.
    So worth finding out for .99 cents :-)

  2. It was warm, just like the finger of a lover... and leaving us, along with the character, at the end of your excerpt with that quandary -"How Long"... A wonderful and sensually spirited look at this book... Alien characters and plot lines engage so much imagination for the reader and characters too...

  3. I do so love the warm probe, Tara, and the telepathic conversation. Bob, what a great name for an alien :D welcome to the crawl :) are you very talented at crawling? I love to do it in my Master's living room