Saturday, 30 November 2013

Saturday Spanks - Leila loses her virginity

Happy Saturday Spanks, everyone! 

Today's excerpt is going to be from The Chronicles of Raan. (But the House of Pain blog tour continues! See the link for all stops, to read over 10 250-word excerpts from this book!) 

This particular bit is from the story Leila's Training. Leila is training to be a pleasure slave, but her trainers have just discovered she is a virgin - a problem that needs to be solved. For years, she's had a crush on Hassan, one of her instructors, and he has been chosen as the one to do the deed. Read on...

Incidentally,my current WIP comes back to Leila, and fills in her HEA. Leila to me is the most interesting character from the Chronicles of Raan - she is the common thread in all three stories, with a rich backstory, a complicated present, and an uncertain future. I'm having the greatest of fun writing her story - I had one uber-productive day where I wrote ~4000 words in three hours - which I can never do - so let's just say her story needs telling! 

The excerpt: 

The drumbeats played in the background. The beats had sped up slightly; my heart resonated in response.

My goblet was filled once more, and handed to me. I took a sip, and another, feeling the warmth run through me. The drink was easing my nervousness and my awkwardness around this instructor that I’d fantasised about for over a year. What remained was pure arousal.

I gazed at him; drinking him in. His dark brown eyes; his dark beard, just starting to grey, I ached to feel his beard against my breasts and my pussy. Would it itch? Tickle? I burned to find out. I took an instinctive step towards him. 

Want to read more? Buy Chronicles of Raan here.

The book blurb: 

*** Fantasy; Bondage; Erotica; Magic. 

In Raan, there is magic and dark fantasy; there's erotica; there's dungeons and whips and chains; there are strong men and strong women, and the connections that bind them; and hovering in the darkness, there are forces that control them all. Chronicles of Raan tells three interwoven stories from this world. 

Magic Everywhere is the story of Salif Al-Hasn, the Mage-Prince of Argentia. Fifteen years ago, Salif fled his kingdom, leaving behind the girl he loved, in the face of a memory so toxic, he has buried it deep and never let it surface since... But one night, Salif comes back to his hotel room, and there's a girl waiting there, a pleasure slave of Argentia. 

Raina's Wedding tells the story of Raina, Salif's betrothed. For fifteen years, Raina has waited for Salif. On the eve of their wedding, does Salif want more from Raina than she can give? 

Leila's Training: Leila has trained for six years to be the best pleasure slave she can be. Now she faces her final examination, and the stakes have never been higher. But when her examiner turns out to be the same man who took her virginity, can Leila put aside her feelings and pass the test ahead? 

Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, M-M-F sex, M-F-F sex, and so much more...


  1. This was a hot scene, but it is the perfect excerpt for this book! I'm about halfway through it right now and I love it!

  2. Oh, I love the anticipation here. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Very hot snippet. I loved it Tara :)

  4. I'd like the next few sentences please... :)

  5. Great snippet, Tara. Losing your virginity can be an awkward process, so Leila is lucky it's the man she's fantasized about who was chosen for the deed. Look forward to reading more.

  6. I'm sure this is going to be better than most first time experiences. You've handled it well in your writing.

  7. wow, way hot! I love the beard, just starting to grey