Friday, 29 November 2013

What I've been reading...

I read all the time, awesome readers. Here's what I've read in the last few months that's worth talking about... (surprise, surprise, it isn't all erotica...)

The Martian, by Andy Weir. It has ~1500 reviews on Amazon. It is fucking amazing. I've talked this book up to any and all around me who will listen; I love Andy's writing style; this book is entertaining and engaging; a nice, solid read that holds up.

The Unincorporated Man, by Dani Kollin, Etyan Kollin. Meh. It was ok. Nothing special; the most intriguing bit about the book is the premise; and there are too many scattered ideas here that don't really hold up. I did finish this book, but the last few pages, there was serious disinterest.

Songs of Submission, by CD Reiss. There's a long essay here somewhere, but between this and 50 Shades of Grey, this is so much the better book. There's an evenness and a balance in this relationship that the one between Christian and Ana never had. Christian Grey reminds me of the crazy jealous stalker, Jonathan Drazen, a protective lover. I loved every single book in this series. Well worth the read, if you haven't already.

What about you, awesome readers? Anything amazing I should be reading? I read erotica, sci-fi and fantasy, mostly, with occasional forays into other things.

Side note: I saw the Thor movie a few days ago; enjoyed it immensely. I mean, come on. The scene where Chris Hemsworth takes off his shirt? Well worth the price of admission. (I told my boyfriend that; he wasn't particularly amused.)

Happy Friday!

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