Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fetishes, Serialization, and a sneak cover peek

Awesome readers, I'm about to try something new. Well, many new things, actually.

As a writer, I write about the things that fascinate me. A lot of both Teaching Maya and House of Pain is the exploration of what submission is, how someone becomes dominant & what a romantic relationship between someone who is dominant and someone who is submissive might look like.

But BDSM is not the only thing that fascinates me. Guilty confession: I'm fascinated by medical play. This particular fetish will remain entirely in the 'fantasy' category for me; if a real doctor touched me, I'd call the ethics committee so fast! But as a fantasy - it gets me going every single time.

What do you get if you combine medical play, with a safe, sane, consensual relationship?

Doctor Dom: Triage. 

Now, let's talk serialization. Both my editors promised they'd kill me if I didn't continue the story, so let's just say it ends on a cliff-hanger. And I know the reading world loves to hate on the serialization, but at the same time, serialization seems to work!

So far, both House of Pain and Teaching Maya have been complete books. Serialization is new for me, but it is supremely right for this story. Will readers love it? Hate it? I'll find out.

Watch for the book in the Kindle store - hopefully by Saturday. 

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