Friday, 1 November 2013

My favourite bit from House of Pain, Chapter 4

I'm not going to lie, I thought House of Pain Chapter 4 would be posted on Literotica today. But no. Aargh. I love Lit, don't get me wrong, but their author submission system is far from ideal. 

Rather than just fester about it, I'm going to excerpt my favorite bit from this chapter... enjoy! 

Happy Friday, everyone! 


In the living room, Doug sits on the couch; pulls me onto his lap. He pulls me close; one hand encircling my waist, the other traces a gentle line down my cheek. He runs a thumb over my lower lip; an incredibly erotic touch that has me shifting restlessly in his lap.

“Want to do this?” he whispers in my ear; catching my earlobe between his teeth; nibbling it lightly. Little tendrils of arousal run through me; replacing the nervousness. I shift in his lap again; I can feel his erection against me, and I bite my lip. His body feels good, really, really good.

I nod. Yes. I want to do this.

He pulls me closer, kisses me. His mouth is initially gentle on mine. I sigh softly. I haven’t been kissed in over five weeks, and I miss it. My mouth parts, slightly, lets him in. That’s the signal Doug’s been waiting for. His lips are suddenly more insistent, his tongue pushes into my parted mouth, dances a delicious duet with mine. His free hand traces idle lines on my bodice.

I moan. Doug’s hands are, in their own way, creating a fire as insistent as the whip. My body tingles in pleasure; lust. I move into him; bring my hands around his head to draw him in, still closer.

“No…” he says softly, pulling away from my mouth for an instant. “Let me set the pace, please…”

Aah. The first demonstration of control. 

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