Friday, 1 November 2013

Saturday Spankings: Maya gets cropped #SatSpanks

My first Saturday Spankings post comes from my my BDSM romance novel - Teaching Maya.

***The perfect blend of bondage, dominance, submission and tender romance*** 

Unable to experience arousal or reach orgasm with her first boyfriend, twenty-one year old Maya feels like a freak. In desperation, she hatches a plan to seduce the best-selling author Ryan Clayborn during a two-week vacation, and have him coach her in bed. 

Ryan sleeps with many women, but commits to none. He warns Maya that an affair with him would include whips, handcuffs and canes. But Maya is drawn to him as a moth to a flame… 

Ryan’s control and dominance takes Maya to new peaks of arousal. But with time ticking on, will this affair end well, or will Maya end up broken all over again? 

An excerpt:

“Kiss it. And ask me to crop your tight little pussy.” His voice was steady. The crop was at my lips. I parted my lips a little, kissed the crop tentatively. It smelled of leather, a smell I’d never associated before with sex. I had a feeling that would change soon.
“Please Ryan,” my voice very, very soft, “please will you crop my pussy?”

“Since you ask so nicely, Maya…” he said, his voice silken, “I’d be happy to.” His voice turned crisper. “Remember. You have a safeword.”  
Want to read more? Check the header for a free 10-chapter preview, and/or Buy Teaching Maya here
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  1. *ouch* A crop across the pussy is a harsh tool for lovemaking, yet I believe she'll not need the safeword. And I love that this story includes canes!

  2. Welcome to #SatSpanks, Tara! Wow, what an excerpt! So hot and naughty. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. We're twins today. Matched dirty minds. :) Nice first excerpt. I love that he makes her kiss it. Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Do you have any books that are perma-free? I'm already cross-promoting with Blair Babylon because we both write BDSM e-Rom/NA. I can put your link in the back of my next book.

  4. Wow, you know how to make an entry Tara! Love it. Welcome to satspanks.

  5. Welcome to SatSpanks! Sounds like quite a couple of weeks for Maya.

  6. A crop! This is my first time at SatSpanks as well, and I keep finding reasons to come back. Thanks for yet another one!

  7. welcome to the hop :) I love the detail you show in the snippet. Kissing the crop is such a lovely touch, especially how you describe her mouth just opening

  8. Warning her to remember her safeword can't be a good sign.

  9. Love it! And you and Daizie are make me a happy girl today ;) Great snippet. Looks like a fab book.