Thursday, 31 October 2013


To anyone that writes on Literotica, Lit Watch is a familiar phenomenon. You submit your story, and you sit back and wait...

And wait...

And wait some more. 

My last wait was 8 days. I think I was checking multiple times a day by the end. "What the hell!" I'd wonder. "What's taking so long?" "Why isn't it up yet?"

And many variations of the same theme. I'm sure my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts. (Well, that's not just because of Lit-Watch, though, is it?)

Anyway - the next chapter of my current story, House of Pain, finally went up yesterday, right now, I've Chapters 1, 2 and 3 up. 

It was awesome when I woke up yesterday; not only was the story up, but some of my favourite readers had left me comments! I love comments! 

For those finding their way from Literotica to my blog, welcome! And here's the state of my current Literotica queue... 

  • House of Pain Chapter 4: Submitted Oct 24/25, should go up tomorrow, maybe? (Fingers crossed?)
  • Magic Everywhere, which was once available as a Kindle Short Story, but is now one of three stories in Chronicles of Raan. I'd love some feedback; I had a lot of fun writing this story. (Plus, if it compels you to buy the book, that'd be pretty awesome too, don't you think?)
  • House of Pain Chapters 5 & 6: Submitted Oct 31. In deference to my lovely readers, who were rightly complaining about the short chapters, I've posted two of them together in one 2-page Literotica story. 
I tell myself I must not click refresh on the Lit queue, to see if it has moved again. And yet, I'm probably going to do that after I hit Publish!

If you want to find me on Literotica, click here (NSFW, but neither is this blog, I guess.) I tend to post a lot of my work on Literotica, the readers there see a lot of erotica, and I find their comments/advice/ratings incredibly useful as I grow as a writer. (My story Awakening on Literotica is really Teaching Maya - so if you want to read the first 10 chapters, that's a good place to find it!) 

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