Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Thoughts on Dominant men (with a bit of an excerpt from the Chronicles of Raan)

I've read a fair bit of BDSM erotica in my life.* And a fair bit of bodice-ripper romance.

One of the things I never understand though, is that a lot of the guys in these books are kind of jerks. For example, and to pick on Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey) - basically, the guy has an opinion on how often his girl eats, he gets into a possessive rage if she's talking to a guy; he cuts short evenings with her friends; and basically, narrows her life down to just him.

In real life, that would be borderline abuse.

In fact, one of my best friends in college had a boyfriend who did just this. It wasn't at all pretty. He didn't hit her, but he slowly drained away every little bit of her personality, till what was left was this scared, timid shell of a person who was afraid of breaking the rules her boyfriend laid down; rules that were arbitrary, and always changing.

When I write BDSM erotica, I'm creating a very specific kind of guy instead. One who wants control in the bedroom, but outside? One who treats his woman with respect for her ability to make her own choices.

This holds true even in my fantasy world of Raan. Salif is the Mage King of Argentia; Raina is his bride-to-be.

Here's an excerpt from Raina's Wedding - actually, one of my favorite bits in the book:

I was alone in my chambers. It was a week to go to the wedding. I was reliving an argument Salif and I had had two days ago.

It had started with the Harem Master. Salif had surveyed his old harem with pain in his eyes. “Raze it to the ground…” he had said, his voice toneless. “I will have no memory of this place.”

“Your will, Mage King.” There was deference in the Harem Master’s voice. “The harem will be destroyed. A new site will be chosen; and then, the King may select new pleasure slaves to serve him.”

I had cut in, my voice icy. “The king will have no pleasure slaves.”

Salif turned to look at me. His gaze was expressionless. “Leave us…” he ordered. The Harem Master bowed his way out; I could hear the bodyguards leave. It was just the two of us in the room.

“No pleasure slaves, Salif. I will be enough for you.” My voice was flat, uncompromising.

“My Raina. You are always enough for me. But I have needs that it does not befit my queen to meet.” His voice was mild.

“I was trained as a pleasure slave, Salif. I will meet all your needs.” There was no yielding in my voice. “I will not share you, my king.” My eyes were possessive. I’d have no pleasure slave touch my love.

His eyes had blazed in response to the look of possession in my eyes. But he tried once more. “Sweet Raina. I will use you in all the forbidden ways; this does not befit one of your station.”

“I will not share you, my king.” I repeated, but my voice had softened.

“So be it.” He said, a royal decree. His voice was a silken caress. “But Raina, remember this. As the flogger swings against your tender skin, as it bites you in all the hidden places, as your skin comes afire with its strokes, remember, you asked for this.”  The words were a threat and a promise. My eyes were ablaze with lust and longing, as my body was responding to the heat in his words. It had been fifteen years since I felt his touch on my body, and I needed him very badly.

Our eyes met silently, the lust building, the very air a crackle of electricity between us. The Harem Master was just outside the door, as were the bodyguards. If he took me now, the whole court would know. I found I didn’t care. 


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  1. I actually noticed this right away in your stories. I read two of your books tonight and I really loved how you captured these characteristics in your male characters. Yes, they're doms, but they're also respectful. They're caring. They're gentle. They care about building trust. I'll be reading the rest of your books over Christmas break and am looking forward to more of the great writing.