Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Teaching Maya

Have you read Teaching Maya?

Teaching Maya is my first full-length BDSM romance novel. I'm really proud of it - I've written a story that not only serves the 'erotica' portion - but also makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I would date my imaginary Ryan - he's kind, caring and thoughtful, but is also completely in control in the bedroom. Hot!

The first 10 chapters are available on Literotica. If you are thinking about buying it on Kindle, here's some information that will hopefully convince you to click and buy...

- There's 16 chapters in total - the 10 already available for free on Literotica, and 6 additional chapters that finish the story.
- Maya uses her safeword in Chapter 11; we find out in Chapter 16 all about the mysterious Patricia
- Best of all, there is a happy ending.

Happy reading!

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