Saturday, 12 October 2013

Well, hello world!

Hello. I'm Tara Crescent.

Actually, I'm not. Tara's my pseudonym. Let's just say I'd like to avoid telling my parents I wrote a 45,000 word BDSM novel. With spankings, whippings, and more.

Okay. About me: I live in Toronto. I just turned 40. (Ouch!) I have a cat. (I was going to write that I owned a cat, but as anyone who lives with a cat knows, they actually own you.)

I've been a voracious reader all my life. Mostly science fiction and fantasy - I've got Harry Potter on my bookshelves, mixed in with Frank Herbert's Dune, Asimov's Foundation series, Lord of the Rings, and almost everything Guy Gavriel Kay has written.

Romance novels have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure, and I've been reading erotica since the Internet happened, and it was possible to read smut in the privacy of one's home. Love it! I'm pretty sure I've been reading at Literotica for over ten years (gulp!).

I'm strongly attracted to BDSM themes, and most of my stories will explore this, but in a real-life kind of way, not in a fantasy I'm-going-to-be-shared-with-homeless-people way. (A fantasy which does absolutely nothing for me.)

I've also been writing bits and pieces, off and on, for most of my life. Never much more than a few thousand words though; I think 8000 words might be the most I've ever written of a story. But then, a couple of months ago, I put up a chapter of a story on Literotica, got some encouraging "Keep Writing!" feedback, put up a few more chapters, got more encouraging feedback, and voila! A novel was born. Teaching Maya. 45,000 words. Available on Kindle. 

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