Sunday, 20 October 2013

Let me tell you about Raan...

If what you write is what you read, then my short stories about the world of Raan is the truest representation of what I read.

In Raan, there is magic and dark fantasy; there's erotica; there's dungeons and whips and chains; there are strong men and strong women, and the connections that bind them; and hovering in the darkness, there are forces that control them all.

Magic Everywhere is the story of Salif Al-Hasn, the Mage-Prince of Argentia. Fifteen years ago, Salif fled his kingdom, leaving behind the girl he loved, in the face of a memory so toxic, he has buried it deep and never let it surface since... But one night, Salif comes back to his hotel room, and there's a girl waiting there, a pleasure slave of Argentia.

An excerpt:

“Do you have a name?” His voice was steel. How quickly it all returned, the arrogance, the pride, the belief that he had the absolute right to do whatever struck his fancy to this girl.

“Leila, my lord prince.”

I am Salif Al-Hasn. I am the Mage Prince of Argentia. You think to mock me with your gift, Father, but I see what you do. You will not best me again, Father.

Salif straightened, his decision made. There was now arrogance to the way he carried his head, his gaze was cold. There was ice in his voice as he spoke the next words. “You may try to anticipate my requirements. When you fail, as you undoubtedly will, I will whip you. You may moan. You may not speak, except to thank me.” Salif didn’t bother telling her she needed to obey his commands. She was a pleasure slave. Obeying was what she was trained to do.

The girl nodded very slightly, and kept her head lowered. She didn’t speak to indicate her understanding of his instructions.

Well-trained indeed. 


A short story - this is ~8,000 words, and is $0.99 at the Kindle store.

There should be 3 more stories of Raan up before the end of the month; I hope. I just have one story left to write, and the elements of that story have been running through my brain, actually interfering with sleep. I'd like to bundle them into one book that costs $2.99. (Kindle royalty rates are significantly higher if you set your minimum price at 2.99 and that makes a considerable difference.)

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