Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIP Wednesday - Assassin's Revenge

Hello, lovely people! I've been missing from WIP Wednesday for a while, because I've been so deep in my current project, I couldn't lift my head long enough to breathe. Plus, February was an insane month. There were 3 anthologies, there were books to write and edit - it was all quite crazy. 

Anyway - I finally got my shit together and here's a little excerpt from my biggest writing project. It's a series called Assassin's Revenge. This is a bit out of the third book (which I'm currently writing, even though I'm not actually done writing book 2. I do some not-quite sane stuff sometimes.) 

In case you are wondering who XXX is, that's just a bit of writer laziness. Somewhere, I think I named XXX, but I'm too embroiled in the writing to go back and find it. So she'll be XXX till I have time to search. 


When we got to the house, she looked at me. “Sir,” she said, with sweetness and not a trace of fear. “I was late getting ready. Please punish me.”

I raised an eyebrow. This was a very different woman than the one I’d seen so far. This time, there was no terror. Her eyes sparkled with nervous anticipation. I didn’t know what had wrought this change, but I wanted to find out. “Not afraid, cherie?”

“No, I’m not,” she replied.

As much as I wanted to rush her into the playroom and take advantage of her willingness, I owed it to both of us to keep these lines of communication open and to try and understand what lay at the root of her fear. And what had changed since the last time we’d been in the playroom. “Why not? What’s different now?”

She exhaled. She appeared to be grappling with a decision, then she reached it. “I’ve been stuck between my head and my heart for the last few days,” she said softly. “My head tells me that a man with enough money to pay a million dollars for three months of my company is someone to be feared.”


“But every instinct tells me I have nothing to be afraid of. Every instinct tells me to trust you.”

What she was describing was exactly the way I felt towards her. I should have been constantly fretting about who she worked for and why she’d wanted to be bid on by me. I should have never slept in the same bed as her until I fully understood her motives. She’d been in Paris two years ago; she’d been in Bangkok for Lori’s auction. There were no coincidences. I had many enemies – she could be working for one of them.

Yet when I was with her, all of that faded and what was left was trust. Plain and simple. Again and again, I was drawn to her. “So what is it, cherie? Which one are you going to listen to tonight? Your head or your heart?”

We were sitting on a couch in my bedroom. In response to my question, she slid off the couch and knelt at my feet. “I’m ready for the playroom, Sir.”

My heart was hammering in my chest. Not since the first time I’d tied up Angela had I been this ready for a session. This eager. “Get up for a minute,” I urged her, pulling her up and into the seat. “Let’s talk about limits for a few minutes. Is there anything you want to do tonight? Anything you want to try, anything you want to avoid?”

She looked a little tentative. I guessed that checking in with her desires wasn’t something her former master had done too much of. “Can we avoid the canes?” she asked.

XXX had enjoyed pain and I’d bought the canes on her request. It wasn’t something I had ever needed. “Okay. What else? Do you like the flogger?”

Her lips parted at that image. The thought of being flogged aroused her. Lust was rolling off her in waves and I wanted to wade in and drown myself in her desire. “I like the flogger,” she confirmed, her cheeks flushed. “A lot.”

I rested one hand on her thigh and she parted her legs slightly. Oh, my bright star was turned on. I couldn’t wait to play with her. “Any other special requests?”

Her forehead wrinkled as she considered. I loved this. She wasn’t flinching away from me. She was leaning into my body, so close that I could see each inhale and exhale of breath she took. Under that midnight blue evening gown, her nipples had pebbled and I wanted to run my palms over them, teasing, playing, until she begged me to go harder.

The only time we’d been in the playroom, I hadn’t been certain she was there because she wanted to be. I’d had to be careful, cautious so that I wouldn’t do anything that caused her to panic. Today, things were different. 

My dick stirred in my pants. Anticipation ran hot in my blood as I waited for her to respond.

“No Sir.”

I rose to my feet, extending my hand to her. “Come on then,” I replied. “Your punishment awaits.”
A shiver ran through her as I opened the door of the playroom. Then she grinned in amusement. “Don’t you think I should remove the jewelry before we play?” Her fingers played with the gold chain that the yellow diamond hung from. “I’m assuming that your insurers wouldn’t approve of whatever you are going to do.”
I laughed. Oh, I liked her unafraid. “So much attitude,” I said, layering menace into her voice. My hands reached for her ponytail and tugged, pulling her head back until I was looking into her eyes. “Being a brat might get you punished here, cherie.”
Her lips tugged into a smile. “You like it,” she accused. She reached out and ran her palm over my trousers, tracing the outline of my erection. “Don’t you, Sir?
I laughed. “Shh.” I put a finger over her lips. “Be good.” I walked behind her and kissed the exposed spot at the back of her neck. I felt her quiver in response and my cock jumped once more. My fingers found the zipper and pulled it down, letting the gown ripple fluidly onto the floor. “Step out of it, Jenny.”

She obeyed. She was still wearing the strappy silver sandals she’d worn to the concert. I stood for a minute, just admiring her body. Her breasts were cupped lovingly by a midnight blue lace bra. The matching panties contrasted with the pale skin of her ass. My palms itched to touch her. To caress her body and spank it. I wanted to feel her wriggle helplessly against me, her eyes bright with desire. 


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  1. Welcome Back, Tara. I know how it is to become submerged in a story.
    It's sounds like this is going to be a great story. How come your sharing from book 3 instead of book one though?
    Is book one out already? Oh that'd be nice! I need to know why he's paying a million bucks for her and to whom.

    1. Book 3 was what I had open at midnight. :) No - I'm writing all of them first - with Book 1 set to release April 15. Will share a bit from it next week. Cheers!

  2. I like her! Not only does she have attitude, but wants to avoid the canes - smart girl! He can't wait to play with her, and I can't wait to watch! This was a treat! :)

  3. lol - I have characters with the same type of names and then have to go back and dig out th XXX or the "get this guy a name" sections of the book.

    What a fun and playful snippet - I hope they enjoy themselves.