Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday Spanks - The Darker Side of Love

Hey, Saturday Spankers! 

I'm delighted to announce The Darker Side of Love anthology. Seven dark stories; no cliff hangers. Only $0.99. 

SEVEN Brand New Scorching Hot Standalone Stories! No Cliff-hangers! Over 700 pages of incredibly hot, dark erotica!

Addiction. Corruption. Pain. Betrayal. Loss. Revenge. Murder. These are not your mother's love stories.

Join in and indulge in your secret dark side in this boxed set collection of seven stories.


This is an excerpt from my story, The Watcher. 

Short Blurb: The Watcher by Tara Crescent - Wanting to escape the burdens of her life, Kelly Mitchell attends the sex club her friend Miles St. Clair belongs to. But as the allure of the BDSM club grows, can Kelly withstand the temptation to sink deeper into its clutches?


He came towards me with the dreaded riding crop in his hands again. “You will be punished for moving away. Count the strokes. And stick that ass out for me. I want you to welcome this.”

Welcome each burning line of fire? Yet I thrust my ass out towards him and kept my face looking straight ahead.


Stinging pain lanced through me and my hands jerked in my bindings. But I remembered, just barely, to count. “One.”


And the other authors are here: 


  1. "I want you to welcome this.” It seems that she does. Hot snippet and a great way to start my day. :)