Thursday, 4 December 2014

Failure, busyness and other such catch-up

This post is going to be filled with some whining. If such things bother you, you should look away. 


First, I failed at NaNoWriMo. Sad writer. 

This is the second NaNoWriMo I've tried, and the second one I've failed. I tried it once, many, many years ago - no plot, no idea what I wanted to write, and no surprise, not much writing got done. 

This year, I had a semblance of a plot, some idea what I wanted to write. Yet I still failed, and I'm bummed! 

Still. I wrote 34,164 words of a story. It's good. It'll get finished, hopefully, this month. 


Second, I've been so crazy busy. 

I've been working on a secret project, which is secret only because it has nothing to do with anything Tara Crescent. But it's been sucking up massive amounts of my time. I think it's down to manageable bits now, but wow. Overwhelmed. 


Third - my writing list for December is absolutely insane. Which means December isn't going to be any slower than November. Sigh. 

Here's what's in front of me. 

Storm 4. Goes out to the mailing list Dec 30. Am I done writing it? Ha! Have I started writing it? Ha again! Better get cracking there, kiddo. 

The rest of Assassin - about 15,000 words. Mostly - I don't want too long to go - the story's fresh in my mind, and I want to get it down. 

A 20,000 story called The Watcher. (Working title.) This is going to be challenging writing. I sort of know what I want to write, but all I have written so far is about 400 words. Due to my editor Dec 30. (Yikes!) 

I'd love to do a prequel to Assassin as well (roughly 15-20k words?) but I think I might be pushing it. We'll see. 

So yeah. There's lots of panic. 


But in more cheerful news, Audition is in the hands of my editor. 

That's it for the whining. 

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