Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WIP Wednesday - One last look at Never on a Sunday!

Is it taking sides to announce that this is my favourite blog hop? I love seeing deeper slices of people's stories. 7 sentences just doesn't cut it, in my opinion.

This will be the last week I excerpt something out of Never on a Sunday. But it's now available for sale (and on Kindle Unlimited, yay!) so you should go buy it! I've read all the stories, and, even though I'm going to sound like a teenager in this moment, OMG hotness

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My excerpt: And am I allowed to say that I think the Playboy's the hottest of all six guys Stephanie has on her rotation? If she does decide to end up with just one of them, I'm rooting for Wade. He's luscious. 

The Playboy clears his throat, and I blink. He’s said something, and I’ve zoned out. “Sorry. I missed that.”
“Dresses,” the Playboy repeats. He nods towards the saleswoman, who has an armful of dresses in her hand. “And a lot of them. Stephanie, can you hurry this up?”
“Of course.” She sets the dresses up for me in a dressing room, and I beckon the Playboy. The shop is deserted, and the saleswoman bustles immediately to the front of the store to give us our privacy.
“I take it back,” the Playboy says as I pull my sweater over my head, and shimmy out of my pencil skirt. “I’m not in a hurry at all.”
“Yes you are,” I throw my sweater at him, and he catches it with a lazy, come-hither grin. My pussy clenches; she wants to have sex in the dressing room as well. “Wade,” I protest.
The Playboy raises his eyebrow, before waving one languid arm at the hangers on the dressing room wall. “Try the black and white one,” he suggests, gesturing to a fitted black dress with a wide swath of dramatic white fabric sweeping into an asymmetrical hem. It is sophisticated and artsy, and very, very MOMA.
“Good eye,” I tell him. I remove my t-shirt, and he moves closer, a predator stalking its prey. Except I don’t want to run. I want to have sex. In the face of the wicked gleam in the Playboy’s eyes, the tiredness in my body has disappeared.
My lust evaporates when I see the price tag. The dress costs two thousand dollars. I try to calculate how many packets of Ramen I could buy with that. How many trips home to see my mom. “Wade,” I show him the tag. “I can’t.”
He kisses me, taking both my hands and lacing them above my head, held in place by his hand. He runs a finger up my jaw, and looks into my eyes. “Stephanie, I promise you, I can afford this with no undue hardship. Please, consider it a gift from one friend to another.”
“We fuck. Are we friends?” I ask him, and he looks surprised. “Of course we are, Stephanie. Life’s too short to fuck someone you don’t like, don’t you think?”
Like I said, we are very similar, the Playboy and I. I slip on the dress over my shoulders, and Wade helps me zip up. The dress is a perfect fit. “You’ll need shoes,” he announces, and heads off to find the saleswoman. In a few minutes, he returns with a pair of strappy sandals, a small beaded black bag, and a wrap to keep me warm. The dollar signs all keep adding up in my head, and I know I look steadily unhappier. But Wade’s not listening to me. “Come on, Stephanie,” he urges, waiting for me to change into the new outfit. “Let’s go to the MOMA.”
Of course, we have sex before we get to the MOMA. We pull up into a basement parking lot a few blocks away, and Wade turns to me. “Remove your panties,” he orders, hustling me into the back seat of his car.
Right now, the Playboy’s really just talking to my pussy. Whatever weak protest I might make about the garage being public is overruled by the fluttering of my insides. I just obey, helpfully sliding my panties down my hips.
“Was the dress supposed to be foreplay?” I quip, as the Playboy tears open a condom packet and guides his dick into me. “Ahh, that’s good.”
“No,” he growls. He sounds irritated. “The dress was not foreplay. For fuck’s sake, Stephanie, you have such a chip on your shoulder about money. Let it go.” His cock moves within me as I receive my lecture. Sufficient to say, I’m not paying attention to his words. My left leg is braced on the floor, my hips are at the edge of the seat. One hand pushes against the front driver seat. My other hand is firmly wrapped around the Playboy’s hips, pulling him deeper into my body.
“Fuck,” I hiss, throwing my head back as his cock rakes my insides with each thrust. Shivers of arousal run through me. Spiking my lust is the idea that we could be discovered at any minute. There are other cars in the parking lot. Anyone can walk in at any moment.
I feel so very naughty right now. I give the Playboy a grin of complete delight, and he laughs. “That’s the Stephanie I’m used to seeing,” he says indulgently before thrusting deep. He growls and I groan. He is so deep he’s hitting my cervix with each push.
“So deep,” I hiss. My fingers dig into his side. “So fucking deep. Don’t stop.”
“I have no intention of stopping, baby,” the Playboy grunts. The sweat is beading on his forehead. His face scrunches up into a tight knot of pleasure. He’s close. “Let’s see if we can get you to orgasm first,” he suggests. His fingers find my clitoris.
Tap. Tap. Rub. He knows his way around my pussy, that’s for sure. His thumb dances a familiar pattern, and all it takes a few seconds of the steady stroking before I’m at the brink. “I’m coming,” I whimper, clutching at his coat.
“Wait for me, Stephanie,” he says. He thrusts harder. We are both panting now. Both so close. I’m struggling to hold my climax back; he’s chasing his. “Now,” he grunts, and we both orgasm within seconds of each other.
When I catch my breath, I reach for my panties, but the Playboy shakes his head with a wicked grin. “Go without, baby,” he laughs. He tucks them into his pocket with a wink. I shake my head at him, amused, then find a box of tissues and clean up, as best as I can. My pussy is sticky with my juice.
The Playboy removes the condom and knots it, then takes my clump of tissues from me. He hands me the arm that doesn’t have the evidence of our car sex in it. “Shall we?”
I link my hand in his, and we head to the MOMA.

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One of the Boys by Justine Hollander - Long buried flames burn bright when four old friends reunite for a weekend of secrets revealed and passions ignited. 

The Nature of Lust by Richard North - Dan comes to the aid of a spiritual beauty and her mystical companion. 

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Donovan Does Group Sex by Christine Hart - DONOVAN DOES GROUP SEX is another chapter from THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS VS. THE PROM QUEEN and follows Donovan, Laci, their friends and stuffed unicorns who stay true to character and do group sex a little differently. 

Four Bodies, One Van, No Names by Eris Adderly - Two girls, two guys, and a little quid pro quo: the women are ready to put on a show, but are the men be willing to pay their price? 

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And here's a lot of lovely excerpts from my fellow authors! 


  1. Arrgghh. Every excerpt you post makes me drool. I have one clicked. It's waiting on my iPad and I'm saving it for the weekend. Oh yessssssssssssssssssssss. Stunningly brilliant. Enough said.

  2. I love all of the men in this story so far. Mr. Buttman is my favorite though.
    I just have to say, I really wanted Playboy to take her in the dressing room. And I can't be sure, but I think she has the hots for Playboy a bit more than the others. A potential love interest perhaps?
    I shall find out, soon...very soon as I head over to one-click wonderland. ☺

  3. Love the line about the lust evaporating at the cost of the dress. Very true!

  4. Yum! I love a man who can talk to a pussy! I also enjoy this blog hop - I love a whole scene I can sink my teeth into! :) Now I'm off to the one-click process for more!