Saturday, 4 October 2014

Saturday Spanks - A Thief in Venice

It's been a while since I've participated in Saturday Spanks. Not because I'm opposed to spankings, of course - but the writing's been busy, and sometimes, certain marketing elements slip.

But I always enjoy sharing bits and pieces of work with readers, so here goes. This one is from A Thief in Venice. Something makes me think I've shared this bit before, and if I have, my apologies. 

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Context - Lucia has been stealing without the permission of Thieves Guild for many years. Antonio - the head of the Thieves Guild is not amused by this, and Lucia's facing punishment. Read on...

“How many spanks, do you think? You’ve been stealing for seven years. Ten for each year?”

I groaned again, and this time, there was a trace of fear in my moan. Seventy hard spanks, and I wouldn’t be able to sit down the next few days without discomfort. But I didn’t complain. I was in no position to complain, and besides, I wanted this too.

“Lucia. You can moan, you can cry out, you can scream. But you must keep still, and you must keep your hands where they are. Do you understand? If those hands move, we start again.” His voice was very hard. I gulped and nodded.

Whack. His hand came down my left buttock, hard. I whimpered as I felt the sting, but his hand calmly stroked the sore spot, replacing the pain with a rush of pleasure.

Whack. Now on the right buttock, just as hard. I squirmed a little as the pain flowed through me. Whack. Whack. Two quick spanks, one on each buttock, targeting the same spots again. I writhed in pain and moaned.

“Hush, Lucia,” he said, his voice gentle. “Take your punishment bravely.”

“Yes, Antonio,” I said, through clenched teeth, but there was compliance in my voice. I would be brave for him.


Two thieves. One painting. One very dangerous game. 

For seven years, Lucia Petrucci has stolen a painting every year to keep the memory of her parents alive. But now she has made a mistake. She has crossed the most dangerous man in Venice. Antonio Moretti, Head of the Thieves Guild. 

She has stolen from Antonio, and he wants retribution. Can Lucia pay his price? 

Note: A Thief in Venice is a stand-alone story, but part of the Nights in Venice series. Other stories in this series are of different couples. This story includes spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more.

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  1. This story sounds interesting!! I can't wait to read more!

  2. 70 spanks and she has to stay still and not move her hands. That's going to be hard! I hope that she can do it!

    1. 70 is a lot, isn't it? Luckily for Lucia, the spankings quickly turn erotic.

  3. Great setup for the story. I like it.

  4. ooh, I just love the premise of this book! Thieves are so romantic!!

  5. This does sound like an interesting read. Great snippet Tara :)