Friday, 3 October 2014

Freaky Friday! Weird ice-cream trivia.

Someone I was talking to this weekend told me a weird thing. "If you mix a pint of ice-cream with some self-rising flour and bake it, you'll get a cake," he said.

Photo courtesy GoodHousekeeping.

I gaped at him. First, that was just weird. Second, I don't think this guy had ever actually been inside a kitchen. His partner is an excellent cook and bakes all kinds of yummy delicacies from scratch, and his expertise is reserved for doing the dishes. 

"Think about it," he urged. "Ice-cream has milk and eggs and fat. All you need is some kind of leavening agent, and voila! Cake." 

Okay. He might not have said Voila! That's just me, taking creative liberties with the telling of this story. 
Finally, he threw down, smartphone-style. "Google it," he declared. 

And so I did. And colour me baffled, because this is a thing

Though of course, if you had a pint of ice-cream sitting around, why on earth would you be making cake? Me personally? I'd be eating the ice-cream.

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