Monday, 4 August 2014

The Doctor Dom series visits the Smutsonian today! And a free story!

If you've read the Doctor Dom series - the lovely Shurrn ReadsErotica at The Smutsonian has done a series review. Exclusive to the Smutsonian, I also wrote a quick short for those who want to know what happens next. 

Check Up. A Doctor Dom Short. Exclusive to the Smutsonian

The Blurb: 

One day, I met a guy at a bar and went home with him. He spanked me. He dominated me. He made my darkest fantasies come true. 

We had bumps along the way, but we worked it out. We survived the one-year mark. We got engaged. This is one of the stories of our happily-ever-after. 

Go read it! Tell me what you think! Pretty please?

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  1. Hi Tara loved the extra bit from Doctor Dom - can we have a bit more to complete it pretty please xx. The Smutsonian interview was great.