Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It's the time for anniversaries, and this is the most important one* of them all...

*So, a caveat, even before I start writing. This is probably the most important anniversary of my writing career, but I recognize that this is an event that probably matters only to me. I'm sure you have more significant anniversaries in your life.

Almost to this day, one year ago, I took a deep breath and submitted the first chapter of Awakening, my BDSM-themed romance story to Literotica. It was a little nerve-wracking to press the submit button, but I knew I wanted feedback, and since I could hardly send my erotic imaginings to friends and family, the Internet was the place I turned to. 

Seven people left me warm, encouraging comments on my story, suggesting I continue to write. 113 people rated my story over the course of its lifetime on Literotica. 

All of this support propelled me to write the next chapter, and then the next, and then the next story and so on, until it all took on a momentum of its own. 

Sometime at the start of October is the one-year mark of the day my first story went on sale at Amazon. But to me, this is the anniversary that matters. This is the event that started it all. And it is on Literotica where I met my editor, as well as a bunch of talented authors that have become good friends. 

I still write on Literotica - though not as often as I'd like. I probably always will. 

PS: Awakening became Teaching Maya, my first book on the Amazon store. Sadly, it isn't available on Literotica any more, but is available for purchase.


  1. Daaaang! It's only been a year?! Look how far you've come, with all your badass Amazon sales! You're awesome! :)

  2. Enjoyed teaching maya. It was a great read and I now own clothes pins :).