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RTK Dungeon Crawl - The Alien, the Virgin and the Warrior Queen

Another day, another 99c book! This one - The Alien, the Virgin and the Warrior Queen is the latest release of an erotic short series I'm writing called Adventures of Suzie and the Alien. It's a bit Doctor Who, and a bit Aliens, with a whole lot of sex tossed in. I quite enjoy writing these - they are fun and a bit quirky, and I've used this series as stress-relief in the middle of more complex projects. 

That's a lot of intro! Let's just get to the good bits, shall we?

An Excerpt: 

We walked through the long length of the hall. As we walked, the crowds lessened. At some point, there was a barrier, and two guards standing in front of it. And I got my first look at the Erdese warrior priestesses.

Bob had refused to describe them. “You’ll see,” he’d grinned. And looking, I did. They were humanoid, tall women with large breasts that hung uncovered. Their heads were covered with a fine, scarlet cloth, and they wore matching long skirts that were slit up the sides and up the back. The slits at the sides exposed their taut, muscled legs, and the slit at the back? That exposed a tail.

“They have tails,” I yelped to Bob. He laughed at my expression. “It’s an erogenous zone for them as well,” he winked. “You’ll see, most likely.”

“We seek audience with Tamora, Warrior Queen of Erdem,” he said to the guards. One of them nodded and went into the blocked section. The other stayed where she was. I could feel her eyes on me, and she said something to Bob, who laughed.

“What?” I asked him. I hadn’t heard her; she’d spoken low enough for only Bob to hear.

He grinned at me. “She wants to know if I’ve brought Tamora a pet,” he said, and I spluttered in indignation.

“I’m not a pet,” I said in outrage, and he laughed again. “What?”

“You are very pretty when you are annoyed, little human,” he said soothingly. His tone was infuriating. At any moment, I expected him to say ‘there, there’ to me, give me some candy, and pat my head like I was a child.

No bracelet. Crap. He could read my thoughts. I was getting used to that machine from hell a lot easier than I was getting used to the idea that he was always in my head. He looked amused at my earlier thought, and then his voice hardened. “Remember, Suzie. I expect you to behave yourself in front of Tamora.”

I wrinkled my nose at him. “Yes, Master,” I said mockingly. I didn’t miss the flare of heat in his eyes as he absorbed the words.


“Tamora will see you now,” the guard who had walked away returned. “Follow me.”

I gaped openly at Tamora, when she came into view. Her hair wasn’t tucked away behind fabric. It hung, loose to her waist, in flowing red curls. She was as tall as Bob, and her breasts were perfect globes of pale alabaster. She was wearing a necklace of a finely filigreed metal that looked like gold, and her wrists were covered with golden bangles as well. The fine hair that covered her tail was red as well.

I wonder if the hair on her pussy is red as well, I thought, and then felt Bob shake with laughter besides me.

“Traveller,” she greeted Bob. Her voice was deep and melodious. “It has been too long since you visited us.”

“Tamora,” Bob greeted her with a smile. “You are looking well, Warrior Queen.”

“And who is this?” she practically purred, looking at me. “A pretty little plaything, traveller. Is it from that forbidden world that you so like to visit?”

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The Blurb:

Suzie and Bob the two-dicked alien travel to Erdem to get rid of Larry the Lizard, Suzie’s sadistic ex-boyfriend who had ordered Bob to kidnap and torture her.

But Erdem is ruled by Tamora, Warrior Queen, who has a price for taking Larry. She wants Suzie.

Now, Suzie finds herself dominated by both Bob and Tamora. And she finds it all strangely enjoyable…

Warning: This is a 10,000+ word short story that includes adult situations between a human female, a two-dicked alien and an alien Warrior Queen. It features explicit sex scenes (MFf, MFF, Mf and more!). For Mature Audiences Only! 

Here's the rest of the crawl! Go visit - there's always good stuff to be found! 

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