Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tuesday TV thoughts (spoilers ahead!)

Before I forget, writing progress. I finished my Jake and Emily short story. Which could or could not be the start of a book called the Professor's Girlfriend. Do you want to read it? Subscribe to my New Release mailing list! I'll email it out to subscribers April 15.

Now, to TV.

How I Met Your Mother is over. Sigh.

The world (well, the subset of the world who watched this show) was probably evenly divided between people who loved the finale and people who hated the finale.

I hated the finale.

In the last two years, the show's largely been carried by Neil Patrick Harris. To just write off the Robin Barney thing that easily? Meh. And the blue French horn? Double meh.

Oh. I'm a sucker for good fairy tales, and I'm now up-to-date (thank you Netflix!) with Once Upon a Time. The latest episode - was I supposed to be heartbroken that Neil died? First, it was fairly predictable - the way the writers were setting up the Hook-Neil-Emma triangle, it was clear that something was going to happen to resolve it one way or another. Plus, Neil was kind of whiny.

I'm glad they brought back Mr. Gold. He's by far the sexiest character on that show. (A rather distant second is Hook, actually, with Robin Hood not being that far behind. Hmm. Evidently, I really like my bad boys.)

Any other really good TV I should be watching? I don't actually have cable, so Netflix-friendly show recommendations would be great!

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