Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday spanks - Chronicles of Raan - free today!

My KDP Select period was going to expire, so I thought I'd run a free promo. Last day is Saturday, so if you are reading this, go download this free book! (And please, leave me a review! I would love to know what you thought of the book!)

The extract: Salif has come back to Argentia; he plans to marry Raina. This is the two of them, on the night before their wedding. 

“The bed, sweetness?” His voice was a murmur, he’d swept me off my feet, and in a fluid movement, had deposited me on the bed.

He knelt on the floor by the bed, parted my legs. For a few minutes, he just looked at my pussy.

“My lord King…” I said, transfixed by the way he looked at me, yet keenly aware that it was the Mage King of Argentia who knelt at my side. My trainers would have had me flayed for such transgression. “Salif please, you are the Mage King of Argentia; I am but a lowly subject...”

“Shut up, Raina.” His voice was even. “You talk too much.” 

And the blurb: 

*** Fantasy; Bondage; Erotica; Magic.

In Raan, there is magic and dark fantasy; there's erotica; there's dungeons and whips and chains; there are strong men and strong women, and the connections that bind them; and hovering in the darkness, there are forces that control them all. Chronicles of Raan tells three interwoven stories from this world.

Magic Everywhere is the story of Salif Al-Hasn, the Mage-Prince of Argentia. Fifteen years ago, Salif fled his kingdom, leaving behind the girl he loved, in the face of a memory so toxic, he has buried it deep and never let it surface since... But one night, Salif comes back to his hotel room, and there's a girl waiting there, a pleasure slave of Argentia.

Raina's Wedding tells the story of Raina, Salif's betrothed. For fifteen years, Raina has waited for Salif. On the eve of their wedding, does Salif want more from Raina than she can give?

Leila's Training: Leila has trained for six years to be the best pleasure slave she can be. Now she faces her final examination, and the stakes have never been higher. But when her examiner turns out to be the same man who took her virginity, can Leila put aside her feelings and pass the test ahead?

Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, M-M-F sex, M-F-F sex, and so much more...

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  1. Hot snippet, Tara! I love the dialogue here. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hi Tara.

    Too true. I love the dialogue - he is so down to earth. It gives him great character. Read Teaching Maya, recently. Enjoyed it loads.


  3. I had to smirk when he told her to shut up. I wonder if her mouthiness has earned her a trip over his knee?
    Great snippet, Tara. I'll be downloading this ;-)

  4. "You talk too much" how many of our men long to say that daily - if they would only spank for this infractions more.

  5. Cute Tara - at least the ending! :) Really, she should not talk so much when he's in that position...

  6. “Shut up, Raina.” His voice was even. “You talk too much.”

    That's an upgrade to the Dom card. Well done:)

    (Just picked up "The Chronicles of Raan" -- looking forward to reading it!)

  7. I love that last line too. She's definitely much too chatty. I suspect things are about to get really interesting.

  8. Well, he shut her up! Love it!

  9. Sounds like an exciting book, Tara. I may be too late to pick it up, but I'm off to Amazon now. Thanks for sharing. I love dominant men and magic. They fit so well together.

  10. we all know there's a few ways to silence someone who's talking too much. A good tease you've left us. Thanks.

  11. Oh I loved the last line. Perfect :)

  12. Hot stuff. Re "You talk too much" - well, there are better things to do than mere talking!

  13. Yum! I love this snippet! Super hot.