Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday Spanks - back to the House of Pain

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While I should be writing the next part of the Doctor Dom series, I'm instead working on a different story - which will be called the Professor's Pet. It's fun writing - the whole Professor thing is very much a turn-on for me (and for a lot of people, I would imagine), and I'm enjoying writing the story. 

Anyway - for today's Saturday Spanks edition - a scene from the House of Pain. 

“What are the rules we’ve set down so far, Sara?” I can hear the mild irritation in his voice.

“Umm.” My mind is a blank, I’m still in a haze of lust, but I’m mindful of the irritation in his voice. I struggle to focus. Have there been rules? 

“Umm, honest communication?” He’d said that the first time.

“Good. What else?” His voice is level; he looks slightly less irritated.

I search the memories of our conversations. What else? Oh right. Wednesday’s discussion about monogamy.

“No sleeping with other people.” I sound relieved at remembering the rules. His lips twitch.

“And was there anything else?” he asks, amusement warring with exasperation in his voice. 


The blurb:

Sara White is outwardly a good girl; she follows the rules; works in a professional office; has a boyfriend who treats her with consideration. However, deep inside her, there’s a craving for pain, a desire to be spanked and whipped, to be submissive, to be controlled. 

One day, she walks into the House of Pain, a sex store in Toronto that also does shows in the back, where women are whipped and spanked in front of an audience. Transfixed by the idea, she signs up. 

Doug Patterson has met Sara at work, but discovers a whole new side of her when he sees her at the House of Pain. He approaches her and suggests Sara become his submissive. Sara is attracted to Doug; but afraid of complication. 

Will Sara surrender to Doug, and yield to her desire to be submissive? 

Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, and much more...  

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  1. You had me at "Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, and much more..." Great excerpt, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Cute Tara! :) And I'm loving Sheri's comment as well...

  3. Nice exchange between the two. I like that his amusement is fighting with his annoyance.

  4. He's getting exasperated. Doesn't sound good for the lady, but that's okay;)

  5. Can there be anything better than an irritated and exasperated Dom? I can almost feel her poor bottom. Hopefully she remembers what he is obviously fishing for.
    Great Snippet Tara!

  6. I love it when their exasperation is tempered by humor. He clearly cares for her, but she must have done something to displease him. Now I want to find out what that was. Great excerpt, Tara.

  7. I like the dynamics between the two of them. I can imagine what comes next for Sara!

  8. Lovely snippet.I wonder if the rule that’s not come to her yet is an important one. I can’t wait ti read more of this :)

  9. Very enjoyable. It's always good to question them when they are flustered. Gives you all the more reason to spank!

  10. Oh I loved the snippet ;) Flustered due to lust.

  11. wonderful! Love the comments on his irritation level