Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday spankings - in the beginning...

My Saturday Spankings post comes from my my BDSM romance novel - Teaching Maya.

***The perfect blend of bondage, dominance, submission and tender romance*** 

Unable to experience arousal or reach orgasm with her first boyfriend, twenty-one year old Maya feels like a freak. In desperation, she hatches a plan to seduce the best-selling author Ryan Clayborn during a two-week vacation, and have him coach her in bed. 

Ryan sleeps with many women, but commits to none. He warns Maya that an affair with him would include whips, handcuffs and canes. But Maya is drawn to him as a moth to a flame… 

Ryan’s control and dominance takes Maya to new peaks of arousal. But with time ticking on, will this affair end well, or will Maya end up broken all over again? 

An excerpt:

His eyes slid mockingly up my body, lingering on my breasts, not quite covered by the water in the hot tub. 
“I don't play games, Maya. I play hard. I expect my lovers do as I tell them. This isn't a young girl's game, okay?” His voice was harsh, casual no more. His eyes met mine. They were still expressionless. 
“What does that mean?” I asked softly. Need was coursing through my blood and my heart was pounding. 
He looked at me. “I like to play hard, Maya. Whips. Canes. Handcuffs. If you want to play, you play by my rules.”
I gulped. 

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  1. absolutely luscious. wonderful snippet. I love his dialogue

  2. Oh boy, looks like decision time for sure. And she isn't really going to understand until she's in the middle of it all.

  3. At least she knows what to expect, now it is up to her. Choices. Good snippet.

  4. What a lovely tease, Tara! I love the power conveyed in Ryan's dialogue. It will be thrilling to see how Maya reacts to playing by His rules.

  5. I'm gulping with her, decisions decisions... Love it

  6. Gulp. Love it ... and the hard play. hehe