Monday, 16 March 2015

Cover Reveal - The Assassin's Revenge Series

There's just a month to go! (No panic, Tara, deep breaths!)

Here's the official details! 

The Assassin's Revenge Series by Tara Crescent


I have a mission. Kill the man who kidnapped me. Kill the guards who raped me. I have guns and knives and I’m not afraid to use them. Nothing will stop me. 

 Then I walk into a bar and I notice him. He is gorgeous. For four long years, my only response to anything sexual has been revulsion and fear. This time, it feels different. 

 I could use him. I want to use him. I could sleep with him and make a pleasurable memory as a counterpoint to the painful ones. I’m not a frightened young girl anymore. I’m a trained assassin, capable of killing him with my bare hands. 

This time, I’ll be in control. 

 He’s just supposed to be a distraction, this mysterious man in the bar that I have a one-night stand with. But I can't predict the secrets he is hiding... secrets that are about to intersect my world in painful, unanticipated, and dangerous ways.

Found (Assassin's Revenge Book 1) is coming April 15! 

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