Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WIP Wednesday - Storm 4

When this post goes live, it'll be Christmas Eve. If you celebrate, have a lovely one. 

Have I shared a bit out of Storm before? This story seriously doesn't sell well, which is sad, because I like to think it's awesome. At some point, I might re-title it or something. For the moment, I'm just enjoying writing it. 

The first part of Storm is perma-free (at least on Amazon US, and if it isn't free elsewhere, feel free to complain to Amazon, I don't control that BS) - go read it! 

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Anyway, my excerpt is from a true WIP, the 4th part of Storm, which will be released (and go out for free to my mailing list) on Dec 30. Here's a sneak-peek of the cover. Want to read it for free? Go sign up to the mailing list

“A woman after my own heart,” he said approvingly. He leaned in, and our noses touched. I yelped a little, because we’d just come in from the cold, and his nose was icy. But I stayed where I was, leaning into him, before I tilted my head up and kissed him.  

His lips were warm, and I explored shamelessly, caressing the seam until he parted his mouth. Our tongues danced together, and his hands nudged under my sweater to warm my sides. Finally, he pulled away with a muted groan. “I don’t think so, Tessa. That backpack wasn’t light, and I carried it for forty-five minutes without complaint. Go to the bathroom if you need to, shower if you must, but be in the bedroom, kneeling next to the bed, in twenty minutes.”

A very familiar heat filled my body. “Yes Sir.”

“Such ready compliance,” he mused, “should I be flattered?”

I grinned. I couldn’t help the cheeky quip. “Some of it is you,” I said, “but mostly, I want to see what’s in that backpack.”

His hand descended on my denim-covered ass swiftly, and though I was well padded and his spank didn’t hurt at all, my body sparkled at the contact. “Am I going to get spanked again?” I asked. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a spanking or not. My ass still felt a little tender today from last night’s play.

He gave me an even look. “Was there some confusion with my instructions?” he asked smoothly and politely, and oh-so-dangerously.

“No Sir.” My reply was instantaneous. “I’m going to the bathroom. Right now. Kneeling next to the bed in twenty minutes.”

“Seventeen minutes,” he corrected.

I didn’t respond. I just hustled.

Although I could have skipped the shower, the idea of even a quick soak under steaming hot water sounded amazing. I didn’t have time for a bath, but I braved the crappy water pressure and let the water cascade over me.

I guess I could have just walked out naked. I didn’t want to though. My tiny but pretty collection of lingerie saw very little use, and there was a guy in my apartment that was the embodiment of male hotness. I wanted to knock his socks off.

I took more than my customary care with my make-up, going for dramatic eyes and pouty red lips. The slip I’d grabbed out of my underwear drawer before I had dived into the bathroom was a simple black sheath, but it made me look amazing, showcasing my cleavage and my legs, while skimming over all the lumpier bits.

After running a comb through my slightly damp hair, I stepped out of the bathroom and into my bedroom.

To find it transformed.

Tim had lit about two dozen tea-lights all over the room, and had thrown a scarf over my reading lamp to mute its brightness. All of a sudden, the room was transformed from the prosaic space I knew well into an area of mystery, with a thousand little flickers of golden light.

Outside, it was still snowing. And in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, leaning against the headboard, naked to the waist, was Tim Banks, who looked at me with complete desire in his eyes.

“This feels magical,” I whispered. I couldn’t speak at my normal volume. The gleam of the candlelight in the warm room contrasted with the thick carpet of snow outside, and there was a sense that we were creating an oasis of shelter in the space between us.

“Magic is good,” he said quietly.

He gestured to the bed. I walked towards him and knelt at his side. “I’m ready, Sir.” My eyes rested on him, just drinking him in.

“You are a vision.”

Just like that, with his words, he made the effort totally worthwhile. I smiled at Tim from my position on the floor. “You know how to make a girl feel good, Sir,” I told him.

His hand stroked my hair, before running along the line of my jaw. He held my chin between his fingers. “A vision that was late getting out of the shower.”

Uh-oh. “But it was worth it, right?” I asked hopefully. I felt a twinge of sympathy for the punishment my poor ass was going to face.

His lips twitched. “I can’t dispute the results,” he commented, “but punishing you is so very rewarding.” 


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  1. Tim Banks sounds like quite scrumptious package of dominant male. I enjoy the edge, intellect and firmness of your hero's. I'm currently reading Audition and I'm to in love with Nikolia to even think about Tim right now. But you just know he's going to be next after Allie and Nikolia fade a little.
    ♥ your teasers, glad to have you on WIpitup ☺

    1. Tim Banks is my fantasy Tom Hiddleston. :) Does that help or hurt his cause? ;) And thank you for both commenting and reading the Audition! Happy holidays!

  2. oh wow yum :D loooooove it Tara :D He's such a wonderful dom

    1. Tim might be my favourite. (But I say that about a lot of my Doms.) Thanks, Joelle!

  3. OK OK OK - what is in that backpack. Enquiring minds need to know. On the plus side, I've just downloaded 'Storm' and I'm about to find out. CHRISTMAS READING... oh, yeah baby. If Grandma reads over my shoulder this year, I suspect she'll probably have a heart attack ~WEG~ Happy Holidays to You and Yours Tara xxx

    1. It's a backpack filled with sex toys. :) And don't let Grandma read over your shoulder! I always hunch protectively over my laptop when there are people around (sit with your back to the room!) and never let my phone out of my sight!

      Happy holidays to you too, Christina!

    2. LoL, Christina. I think you have wicked evil plans for dear ole Grandma. Maybe she'll surprise you and plop down next to you insisting you share your reader. ~giggles~

  4. Methinks the vision lingered in the shower on purpose. Love that last line. Nice excerpt!