Saturday, 13 December 2014

Saturday Spanks - A Tiny Excerpt from Audition

Happy Saturday Spanks! I've a couple of new releases out this week and an excerpt out of my new story, The Audition. 

Buy Links for Sassy Submissives (only $0.99 for 400 pages of BDSM Romance, only available until Dec 27): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon CA

Buy Links for The Audition: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon CA | Or borrow for free using Kindle Unlimited. 


My excerpt from the Audition: 

“At what point this morning did you realize you failed?” His question whips out of the darkness. I’m in the spotlight. I feel very naked, and very exposed.
“When I played the Andante in Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 3.”
“Let’s start there then,” he replies. He gestures to the piano.
I take a seat at the stool. My entire body is flaming with heat and embarrassment. I close my eyes, to try it shut it all out, and I play the concerto. When I finish, I look to the corner he’s seated at.
“Lacking emotion,” he says. He gets up and comes forward, and he has an old-fashioned wooden ruler in his hands. “Hold out your hands to me, palms up,” he orders.
Trembling, I follow his directions.
“Part your legs.”
My foot slides off the foot pedal, and I spread my legs wide, putting my cunt on display for him under the spotlight.
“Count the strokes. Thank me for instructing you.” 
The Blurb: 
Ever since she was a child, Allie Greenwall has wanted to get into Juilliard. But she hasn’t played the piano in six years, and she is hopelessly rusty. Her only hope of passing her audition rests with reclusive Russian pianist Nikolai Zhednov.

But Nikolai is no longer the man she knew, and in his dungeon, Allie realizes that his help will come at a high cost, one she’s not sure she can pay.

Note: This story contains a Dominant pianist who will use harsh discipline to ensure that Allie reaches her fullest potential, many erotic sexual and BDSM scenes, and a Happy-For-Now ending. 


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  1. Very yummy. I like the image of her naked at the piano and his knowledge that the ruler upon her hands will allow him to watch her become wet.

  2. I hope he doesn't hurt her hands so she can't play the piano. I agree the image of her sitting at the piano naked is so sexy

    1. No, the ruler is palms-only, not fingers. Nikolai is first and foremost a pianist. :)

    2. I was gonna say--he's going to hit a musician's hands???? Not SSC. Glad he didn't injure her.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Merry Christmas to me.

  4. Very hot! love his commanding attitude.

  5. That is wonderfully, beautifully erotic. Naked at the table, spread wide... awaiting the strokes of your instructor by ruler! EEp. Wonderful snippet, gorgeous cover ;)

  6. Naked at the piano. I know what I'm talking about. Honest.

  7. Yummy spanking snippet, well done!

  8. Great, steamy read! LOVED the story line. Was on the lighter side of BDSM, but was still HOT! Can't wait to read more from this author.