Sunday, 16 November 2014

Doctor Dom Sequence Two now available! Doctor Dom Sequence One ON SALE TILL MIDNIGHT!

If you haven't read the Doctor Dom series and want to - here's a bit of exciting news for you. The fourth and fifth volumes of the series are now available in one bundle. The bundle will save you a bit of money over buying the books separately.

Doctor Dom Sequence Two Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon CA

(Tara channels her best telemarketer voice.) But wait, there's more! This bundle includes a free bonus short - Check-Up, which catches up with Patrick and Lisa after the events of Recovery.

Never read the Doctor Dom Series? To celebrate the new release, Doctor Dom Sequence One (Triage | Observation | Diagnosis) is on sale for just $0.99 until midnight Sunday. (On sale world-wide!)

Doctor Dom Sequence One Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE |Amazon CA

The Blurb:

Note: This series includes medical play (fully consensual), spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more.

***A surgeon with secrets. A woman craves to be spanked. When they get together in an examination room – what will happen next? ***

Doctor Dom Sequence Two (Relapse | Recovery) should be read after Triage (Volume 1), Observation (Volume 2) and Diagnosis (Volume 3).

Includes the bonus short - Check Up!


My name is Lisa Preston.

A little more than a month ago, I met a gorgeous guy in a bar and went home with him. He spanked me. He put me on an examination table and made all my dark fantasies come true.

Now my relationship with Patrick continues to deepen. Every day is more amazing than the last. He has become my boyfriend. My lover. My Dominant.

But the wounds of the past run deep. When I do something that reminds him of the way his ex-wife betrayed him, can our relationship ever recover? Or will we remain haunted by the past forever?


We can remain haunted forever by the past.

Or we can move past it.

Is it finally time for recovery?


One day, I met a guy at a bar and went home with him. He spanked me. He dominated me. He made my darkest fantasies come true.

We had bumps along the way, but we worked it out. We survived the one-year mark. We got engaged. This is one of the stories of our happily-ever-after.

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon CA

Already read Relapse and Recovery, and just want to read Check Up?

So, you could just try to google the story. It is available online.

Or, in the same time it would take you to google the story, you could write me a review on Amazon. If you want to read Check Up, you've already probably read the entire Doctor Dom series. Would you take a moment to leave me a review? Once you do that, if you send me an email ( with a link to the review, I'll email you a complimentary copy of Check Up.

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