Friday, 20 June 2014

New release - Doctor Dom Sequence One (Triage | Observation | Diagnosis) - only $3.99 until Sunday!

If you haven't read the Doctor Dom series yet and want to read books 1, 2 & 3 all in a bundle, here it is! Until Sunday June 22, available at the special new release price of $3.99 (over a $6 savings vs. buying them individually!)

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The Blurb: 

Note: This series includes medical play (fully consensual), spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more. 

***A surgeon with secrets. A woman craves to be spanked. When they get together in an examination room – what will happen next? ***


My name is Lisa Preston. 

I need to be spanked. I want to be dominated. And in the darkest and naughtiest corner of my mind, I fantasize about a Doctor tying me down on an examination table and using me for his pleasure. 

When I meet Patrick at a club, and discover that he is a doctor, can I be brave enough to tell him what I need? And will the Doctor make my fantasies come true? 


There is an eight month period in my life that I do not permit myself to think about. The eight months of my life when I was Nick O’Malley’s sexual submissive. 

I recognized the look in Patrick’s eyes today because I’d seen it before. I’d seen the same look in Nick’s eyes for eight months – a certain focused intensity and a calm control, before he began to steadily strip apart every little bit of who I was, every little spark of personality, to create a sweet, willing submissive instead. 

When I finally summoned the courage to break my terrible addiction, I made a promise to myself. No more. I’d play my spanking games, and I’d play at submission. But I could sense dominance in men, and I avoided it; I had determined that I was not strong enough to survive again. 

The look in Patrick’s eyes took me back to that dark time. And I was adamant I wouldn’t go there again. 


Less than a month ago, I met a gorgeous guy in a bar and went home with him. He spanked me. He put me on an examination table and made all my dark fantasies come true. He became a very important part of my life. 

And then, I discovered that he had kept a secret from me. An important secret. A secret that made me walk away. 

But... I dream of him. I miss him. I want him constantly. And now, something has happened, and I need him more than I have ever needed someone. 

Will he be there for me? And can we both let go of our baggage and move forward?

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