Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So - movies. Here's a little secret, my boyfriend and I have the worst luck picking movies. I think we've maybe seen three movies together that we both liked. And about a hundred that we've hated. 

Sometime last week, we broke our shitty movie streak by watching the Painted Veil. He picked it, because I tend to less intellectually challenging movies. But it had Edward Norton in it, and I love Edward Norton. What a good movie it was! It's got romance and infidelity and heartbreak in it, and I adored it.

Another favourite Edward Norton movie of mine is the Illusionist. Also well worth watching. 

Music: Do you ever hear about something, and then find you hear about the same thing everywhere? For me, recently, that's been Sigur Ros. I'm very non-in-touch with music trends and current music because I take transit to work, and just don't listen to the radio. (Or hang out with cool music people.) 

I first heard of Sigur Ros when I was reading the Boss. (Side note - for a day there, my book was listed on the same page as the Boss. You have no idea how surreal it is to have your book listed side-by-side with a book that you adore. It's seriously such a trip.) Then I heard a Sigur Ros reference on the radio. Then something else. I'm listening to Brennisteinn right now. 

Finally, Once Upon a Time. I felt bad at last week's disparaging words about Neil, because I was actually quite sad at the burial scene. One of the cool things that I've liked about this show is how much backstory Rumpelstiltskin has. This week just added to it - with the Wicked Witch doing everything she's doing to get another chance with Rumple. It's intricate, layered writing. (For this character. I find both Sleeping Beauty and Charming sort of one-dimensional. And Emma. I like Belle, but I think that has more to do with me really liking the Beauty and the Beast story than anything else.) 

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