Monday, 3 March 2014

Return of the bad blogger

That seems like it should be a book title, right?

I really have no good excuse for being missing. The writing is going badly though, and that always makes me a bit grouchy. Still, as I told my editor, I had the most difficult time writing Observation, and it turned out pretty good. (I'm not bragging here - just grading it relative to my other writing.) Perhaps the same thing will happen to this book.

Stuck in an endless loop in my mind today - Pherell Williams - Happy. I really liked his performance at the Oscars last night too! And the bits where Lupita Nyong'o and Meryl Streep and Amy Adams danced along with him - awesome! (I can't dance to save my life - I always admire people who can.)

I was mildly happy this morning though - last night, right before going to bed, I sat and outlined a story, and this morning, I got up and wrote 500 words before work. 500 words isn't a lot - but it's a lot better than my production this weekend. (Which was seriously pitiful.)

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