Saturday, 8 February 2014

An extended version of Saturday Spanks - Professor's Pet

Happy Saturday Spankings, everyone! I'm taking advantage of the 2000 word limit this week to include an excerpt from the Professor's Pet. 


***The perfect blend of bondage, dominance, submission and love *** 
Have you ever been dangerously attracted to your professor?

Jake Ballard. He is smug and mocking, but his body is the stuff of epic fantasy. Now, through an unfortunate twist of fate, he holds my smut-filled Kindle in his hands.

I have a decision to make. Can Professor Ballard be my instructor in this world of bondage, dominance, and submission? And, eight weeks later, when my class is at an end, can I walk away from Jake? 

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And the extended Sat Spanks extract... enjoy! 

“Shower?” he asked, standing in the kitchen, leaning against a counter, watching me. Unexpected consideration; I was sticky with his come, and a shower sounded like bliss.
“Yes, please, Professor Ballard,” I replied, my eyes still on the floor. I’d lowered them as soon as I’d walked in.
“You can make eye contact, you know,” he laughed at me. “I like watching the resentment flare in your eyes as I make you do something outside your comfort zone. And then the lust takes over, and you just obey.”
I made eye contact, and as he predicted, resentment flared in my eyes. I didn’t like being laughed at, and he clearly knew it, and was deliberately needling me. I counted to ten inwardly, else I was going to throw a mug or something at him; the smug bastard.
His lips twitched as he watched me struggle to still my temper.
“Very good, pet, I admire self-control. Come on, let’s see about your shower.”
I followed him up the stairs; trying not to stare as I took in the details of his home. It was warm and comfortable; filled with books, paintings and colour. Lamps were everywhere, causing the rooms to glow in their warm light. Jake’s office at the University was functional; overflowing with paper and take-out containers, old cups of coffee. His home was a vivid contrast.
He handed me a towel and gestured to the bathroom. “Ten minutes, and if you aren’t out in time, I’m coming to get you, and you will get a spanking you’ll regret,” he said evenly. I nodded, took the towel and placed it on the bathroom counter. I didn’t bother closing the door; I was naked, and if there was any part of me he hadn’t seen so far, he’d see it before the night was over. I just turned on the water, and stepped into the shower, moaning in satisfaction as the water gushed out, steamy and perfect.
His water pressure was amazing; I didn’t want to get out. My student apartment shower was a trickle; on a daily basis, I had the habit of detouring to the gym, mostly because of the superior water pressure of the gym showers. But the gym showers had nothing on this shower; the pressure was heavenly; the water temperature was perfect. I was initially hesitant about the clear glass shower door, but it quickly fogged up and I just took a deep breath and let the relaxation flow through me.
Magic 8-ball, what am I doing? I mouthed to myself. Jake had been right to accuse me of submissive posturing; I had played submissive games with previous boyfriends; but we’d always ended up doing what I wanted to do. But tonight with Jake, things were different. He ordered; I obeyed. And I loved it. I wasn’t nervous; I wasn’t jumpy. I was calm and centered.
Reply hazy, try again, my imaginary Magic 8-ball replied. I laughed. I’d been reduced to getting guidance from an imaginary Magic 8-ball. Certifiably insane.
Shit. My eyes flew open. How much time had passed, while I luxuriated under the shower? I looked around; there was no clock in the bathroom. I hastily scrubbed myself with soap, rinsed myself off; toweled myself dry as quickly as possible. I stepped out of the bathroom; hoping I’d made it in time.  
There was only one open door; I stepped into it. Jake was there; lying on his side, facing the door, looking sexier than any man had the right to look. He had kicked off his shoes; but he was otherwise still clothed; his jeans had been zipped up after he’d come all over my breasts.
“How long did I take?” I asked him.
He looked at me silently.
Crap. “How long did I take, Professor Ballard?” I reworded my question quickly.
He laughed at me. Again, the mocking amusement. “What would you like me to tell you, pet? Would you like me to tell you that you took less than ten minutes? Or, do you crave the spanking instead, at the hands of a man who won’t slow down or stop when you plead?”
Damn him. He’d read me perfectly, and I hated him for it. I did want to know what the spanking would feel like; I did wonder what it would feel like to be absolutely powerless under his arms; knowing he’d stop spanking me only when he felt like it.
I didn’t meet his eyes; and I could hear his laugh again.
“Come here, pet.” His voice sounded slightly indulgent. “Come, lie down on the bed, and spread yourself open for me.”
He patted the side of the bed next to him.
I padded into the room; dropped the towel; climbed on the bed next to him; spread my legs apart. He just watched me, his eyes unreadable.
“Lift your hands,” he said finally. I lifted my hands; he took them in his own; moved them over and up, above my head. There was a headboard there, with wooden slats. “Hold on to the slats; don’t let go.”
I nodded in compliance. He smiled at me; still amused, then rose up to kneel between my spread legs.
“Spread them wider, pet,” he ordered. I obeyed; the muscles on my thighs protesting as I parted them as widely as I could. I tried to tune the word ‘pet’ out. It wasn’t growing on me.
“Now, pet, I think you deserve a reward,” he said huskily, his fingers reaching out to touch my pussy.
I twisted slightly; looked at him. My gaze was even.
“In that case, Professor Ballard, I know what I want,” I said steadily. Inwardly, I was mocking myself; my ridiculous attempt to make this night something more than what it was. To lend it some meaning.
He looked at me, one eyebrow raised. I wasn’t following the script.
“What do you want, pet?” he asked me. His voice was expressionless.
“I don’t want you to call me pet,” I said. “Call me Emily.”
I’d startled him; I could see that. First, there was surprise in his eyes; and then, an expression I couldn’t read, only for an instant, and then, finally, that hated amusement. But there was no mockery in his gaze this time, as he looked at me, his lips twitched.
My heart was racing as I waited for him to speak.
 “Emily,” he said. “I had a different reward in mind…”
He bent his mouth to my pussy. 
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  1. Oh, this is just such a delicious pairing - Professor and student/assistant. I confess to a long-time harboring of such fantasies, and this passage certainly stokes that fire. Beautifully written passage, and so hot.

  2. I enjoyed how she stood up for herself by telling him she didn't like being called 'pet'. I wonder if she will ask for the spanking too. ~smirks~

  3. Nice snippet. Interesting characters

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  4. I'm with Sidney on this one. Professor/teacher student combinations are a fantasy of mine as well. Professor Ballard appears to have matters well under control, but I don't recall how they got into this situation. Did he make the offer, or did she do something and this was her punishment? I get the feeling this relationship is going to last long past the weekend, but I'm curious how it started. Most intriguing.

  5. Thank you for the story, it was very good.

  6. The whole pet thing was grating on me too, so great ending. You build that up really well.

  7. this is wonderful! I do love the "Professor Ballard" thing. I really do like titles of two words, more than just a sir or ma'am. I enjoyed who he didn't actually tell her how long she'd been in the shower