Saturday, 28 December 2013

Saturday Spanks - Triage (Doctor Dom Series Book 1)

Happy Saturday Spanks, everyone!

In this final Saturday Spanks edition of 2013, I'd like to share another excerpt from Triage (Doctor Dom Series, Book 1.)

I've been working on Observation (Doctor Dom Series, Book 2) for most of December. It's almost done, thank heavens. It's been unexpectedly hard to write; I'm trying to balance emotional depth in the story with both erotica and romance, and it's a fine line to tread.

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The Blurb: 

***A surgeon with secrets. A woman craves to be spanked. When they get together in an examination room – what will happen next? *** 

Lisa Preston has always fantasized about a doctor tying her down on the examination table, and taking her for his pleasure. When she meets Dr. Patrick Anderson in a club, will she be brave enough to tell the Doctor what she needs? And will the Doctor make her fantasies come true? 

Note: This novella includes medical play, spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more. 

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To set context around the excerpt, Patrick and Lisa have met at a bar, and are going home together. Lisa has mentioned that she likes to be spanked, and...

“Naughty girls get punished, Lisa,” he said, his voice level. He hadn't bothered raising it. I felt my pussy cream even more as I responded to look in his eyes; to the tone of his voice.
“Yes, sir,” I replied, my voice soft and submissive. Oh, but he got the message that I wanted to be spanked loud and clear, and he was playing along with my fantasies. Under my dress, my nipples hardened.
“You will refer to me as Dr. Anderson,” he snapped, but his eyes were twinkling now, and his lips twitched.
“Yes, Dr. Anderson,” I mumbled.
“Very good, Lisa,” he said, his voice approving. “Take off your dress please, and come lie down on my lap.” 


  1. "Naughty girls get punished" Don't we know it! And we come back for more ... :)

  2. I was going to write what Abi did. Alike minds. I think those words are universal "hot spots".

  3. A man who know how to enter a fantasy - that's a prize!

  4. Oh, a hot sexy doctor who likes to play. Nice!!!

  5. I"ll play doctor anytime! very hot!

  6. Oh gosh that is very hot, what was I doing?

  7. *Jumps up and down* YAY! I've been looking for some more medical kink play. We have a challenge in March with this in the BDSM group on Goodreads. I'll have to add your book to our list of recommendations. I'd love to read this one.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com