Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday Spanks - Triage - the Doctor Dom Series

Happy Saturday Spanks, everyone! 

I'm doing a lot of new things with Triage, and some no-so-new things; it's my first attempt at writing my medical play fantasies; it's my first attempt at serialization. However, like all the books I write - the play is very consensual. (Hey, it helps me sleep at night.) 

Anyway - I really like this book. If you've read House of Pain - there's a doctor, Patrick in that book who appears briefly to tend to Sara when she's ill. Triage (Doctor Dom Series Volume 1) is Patrick's story - about when he meets a girl at the bar, takes her home, and finds out she wants to experience a naughty doctor's exam. 

The Blurb: 

***A surgeon with secrets. A woman craves to be spanked. When they get together in an examination room – what will happen next? *** 

Lisa Preston has always fantasized about a doctor tying her down on the examination table, and taking her for his pleasure. When she meets Dr. Patrick Anderson in a club, will she be brave enough to tell the Doctor what she needs? And will the Doctor make her fantasies come true? 

Note: This novella includes medical play, spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more. 

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The Excerpt: 

Tara's note: I love this scene; I love what it reveals about Lisa and Patrick; I love that they can laugh during sex; I think it reflects a sense of comfort and ease with each other that bodes well for the relationship. Or does it? 

I unbuckled her legs from the stirrups; loosened the straps on the examination table holding her in place. She rose; now that I was done distracting her, I could see the discomfort from the enema on her face, but she still paused in front of me, before rushing off to the bathroom.
“Tell you what, Dr. Anderson,” she drawled, the sexy vibration in her voice causing my cock to get impossibly hard. She grinned at me, all laughter and woman, her gaze warm on me. “I won’t masturbate in there if you don’t masturbate here while I’m gone…”
I laughed aloud. She was so unexpected.
I nodded agreement. She smiled at me, and she was gone. 


  1. Ha! That dialogue was unexpected-- I love the scene too. And I know a Lisa Preston. I do believe she's a doctor, oddly enough. :)

  2. The characters are certainly enjoying their playtime.

  3. She has good control, I'll give her that. So exactly what happens when they get back together? Inquiring mines...

  4. Unexpected indeed. She seems very bold.
    Great snippet! ヅ ツ ッ

  5. Goodness, I love medical. It's kind of special for me because even though I love it, I can't write it--it's one of the areas where I need others to help my imagination. So, THANKS! :D

  6. Okay, that made me actually laugh. I think I really like your characters.

  7. Very bold and spunky. I like your style.

  8. I do like medical play scenes, as long as they're consensual, and you've hit just the right note with this one, I think. Great snippet, Tara.

  9. I love the dialogue. Very fun snippet!