Wednesday, 6 November 2013


It's been a busy couple of days for me; and work has stalled a bit on the House of Pain. I'm painfully close to the end. The word count is 30,068 words (am I the only one that judges progress by word count?). I'm thinking this one will finish up at 40,000 words or thereabouts. I wrote some notes yesterday about threads I've started in the story that need to be woven in; I've an idea for the epilogue that I love; and there are a couple of bits in the middle of the story that I need to go back and fill in.

The bits that need filling in are mostly the sex scenes. Hilarious though it must seem, given I write erotica, I find writing sex scenes incredibly hard. As a reader, description bores me, I'm much more interested in plot and dialogue. And sex scenes are mostly description. The way he feels; the way he smells; the corresponding needs in her; and so on. Solidly, the hardest writing I do.

So, House of Pain's storyline is evolving quite nicely, and I have a lot of sex scenes to fill in. That's the summary of where I'm at.


I wrote a little bit of a snippet for Writing Prompt Wednesday as a way to distract myself. Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone, but for the Americans, Thanksgiving is in the air. The phrase to include was - What a turkey.

Here's my bit, with some creative licence taken in the punctuation of that phrase...

“What, a turkey?”

Jason grins at me. “You’ve never made one before?”

I roll my eyes at him. My skills in the kitchen are, well, non-existent.

“I’ll do most of the work,” he promises me, his gorgeous brown eyes filled with laughter. “We’ve got to have turkey for Thanksgiving.”

In the kitchen, he moves behind me. Dangerously close; the kind of close where I can feel the heat emanate from him, smell his intoxicating mix of aftershave and soap. I close my eyes for an instant. Yes, we have both our parents coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, and yes, it’ll be the first time we are hosting, but suddenly, I just want to lean into my handsome husband’s body, and be taken by him.

I turn towards him. He can see the heat in my eyes as I ignore the turkey on the counter; the bags of groceries all over the place, the pie baking in the oven.

An answering heat blazes in his eyes. “Jess…” he mutters. He leans into me, kisses my neck, the stubble on his face grazing against my soft flesh, sending little tremors of lust coursing through my body. “Baby, we’ve got a ton of work to do…”

But I ignore the cooking; I pull my breasts out from the tank-top I’m wearing. His eyes darken as he sees me holding my breasts in my hands, pushing them together and offering them to him. “Jason…” I beg, “I want to feel your stubble against my nipples…” 


The Literotica rejected Magic Everywhere. Too much advertising in my author note, they said.

I was ready to scream, but instead, I've removed the link to the Kindle store (I think that's the bit that sets off the flag, maybe?) Surely you've got to be allowed to mention that the story is available for sale in the Kindle store, right?


Happy hump day, everyone!

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